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Diversity 101:  Practical Insights into Managing Differences

News reports are emerging every day on the 2010 Census…and they confirm what we have been seeing in our classrooms, our communities, and our workplaces--we live in an increasingly diverse society.

In fact, more than one-third of the population reported their race and ethnicity as something other than non-Hispanic white—up 29% over the decade. 

But in the context of today’s demographics, diversity is about more than race.  It encompasses age, gender, religion, disability, and other factors.

How do we manage these differences in our day-to-day lives, our jobs, and our schools? 

AAFCS is proud to offer the following educational webinar (1.5 PDUs):

Diversity 101: Practical Insights into Managing Differences

Presented by Edward Retta
Archived Recording - 90-minute program

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In just 90 minutes, these learning objectives will be addressed:

  • The case for cultural diversity—why should we learn and study it?
  • Specific cultural differences we can identify and leverage
  • Methods for connecting with individuals and becoming a more effective cross-cultural communicator
  • Strategic questions you need to address to create an open, accepting and workable learning environment for all cultures
  • Understanding diversity within diversity - learn about variance within diverse groups

The depth and breadth of diversity in the US is enormous….and we need to know how to manage it effectively.  Whether it is an immigrant student struggling with standardized tests,  or a staff member who wishes to attend religious services, we need to be prepared for the impact of  decisions we make on a daily basis.

This webinar will give you a solid introduction on how to approach circumstances such as these. By learning how cultural background and unique differences affect the way people think, work, study, and make decisions, we can avoid offending, demotivating, and demoralizing individuals. 

You will emerge with a new mental model of what diversity means today. And more importantly, how to apply these concepts strategically.

This is not a social justice approach to cultural awareness.  The goal is not to right all the wrongs that may be in place, but to understand diversity on a deeper level.  (For example, why ethnic food days and minority celebration months are not enough.)   The approach is diagnostic and practical, not judgmental.

This is good business practice today.  Creating a culturally competent department, classroom, or organization has bottom line value.  It can mean less employee turnover, increased productivity, and it can prevent lawsuits. In schools, it can prevent achievement gaps and reduce dropout rates.

Topics we will drill down on:

  • Time orientation—how people think about and manage time, deadlines, and punctuality
  • Leadership, authority and hierarchy—explore the spectrum of different attitudes
  • Social orientation and beliefs regarding the individual vs. collective
  • Communication patterns

This webinar is an ideal prelude to the 102nd Annual Conference & Expo, “Linking Cultures, Enriching Lives,” where sessions will explore the 2010 Census and other topics on multiculturalism.

The portrait of America has changed dramatically since the 2000 Census. Once again, FCS professionals need to be at the forefront of this shifting landscape, working to improve the lives of diverse individuals, families, and communities.

About the presenter:  Edward Retta has worked in 45 countries over 25 years, including eight years with a British NGO. A native Texan of Mexican heritage, Edward helps people understand and work with others who are culturally different. He designed and delivered cultural training for the Air War College and other military groups. He has taught on Islam and Muslim awareness since 1994. He has consulted with multinational companies, with NBC-TV on its integration of the Telemundo network, and with NASA’s International Space Station on working with Russians.

Edward earned a BS in Psychology and Management from Texas A&M University, an honors MA in Cross-Cultural Ministry from Dallas Theological Seminary, and a certificate in religious studies at Oxford University in England. He also completed the US Department of Justice’s training—Cultural Competence: Arab, Muslim Americans.

Retta has lectured at universities in the US, Europe, Africa, and South America, is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese and has studied German, Arabic, and Japanese.

Who Should Register?  This webinar is appropriate for all FCS and related professionals in any setting.  The concepts you will learn will be applicable to your workplace, your classroom, and in your community. 

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