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Robin Peglow Berg 
Soul Moxie 

When: All Teleseminar calls are on Wednesdays 12-1pm MST

  • August 17th--Being Present with What You Really Want
  • Aug 24th--Clearing Obstacles, Handling Excuses
  • Sept 7th--Awaken to What Matters Most
  • Sept 21st--Intentional Choosing for Success

**Don't fret if you can't attend them all- you'll receive the recordings right after the event to listen to at your leisure.

Please add these to your calendar now! 

Also included in the program are three "Inbox Audio Tips" recordings to help support you from launch to landing!  They come right to your inbox, and you can listen when it fits into your schedule!

  • August 10th- Clarify and Create
  • Aug 31st- Breaking Big into Small Steps
  • Sept 14th- Setting Up Systems for Success


Wherever You Are-- Teleseminar (over the phone) 


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Soul Moxie Teleseminar Series

The Transform Your Intentions Into Actions Program: Design, Progress & Momentum Towards Fulfillment

Okay everyone, it's time to play big in life-- it's time to start strengthening that foundation for Living the Life you Love and getting in ACTION!

You know how there are times in life where you have to LEAP?  When you suspect something EXTRAORDINARY might come out of it but you don't know exactly what AND you are called to TRUST-- to be willing to boldly adventure for the sake of your fulfillment?

This is one of those times.

When you're aligned with your soul's path, life unfolds and possibilities abound…

  • Your "now" norm becomes that things seem to fall into place
  • Your energy levels rise as you tap your clarity-mind
  • Momentum becomes your new rhythm as you stride towards your goals
  • You become a conduit for your gifts and talents, and prolific contribution

Let me help you get there!

Listen, I know what it’s like to really want something in my life.  And also to think about it for ages...wanting to “pull the trigger” but not entirely sure where and how to begin, or simply needing a nudge to begin.

Join me in this supportive, made-to-inspire Six Week Program designed to help all you conscious, committed folks get fully present with your aspirations and intentions (your path), clear obstacles and objections, and cultivate momentum so you can foster simple, consitent ACTION and evolve your life/ career.

The Transforming Your Intentions Into Actions Program:  Design, Progress & Momentum Towards Fulfillment

Here’s the program layout to help you get in your rhythm.  (When's the last time you had 8 weeks in a row of consistent support, promptings, insights for your success?)

  • 8/10    Inbox Audio Tips #1: Clarify Your Intentions for Power and Freedom. Tips for establishing a solid plan you can’t help but smile about. (Recording sent right to your inbox)
  • 8/17     Teleseminar #1: What if the Answer is Easy?  Deconstruct the mystery of your desired outcomes.
  • 8/24    Teleseminar #2:  Clearing Obstacles, Handling Excuses.  Overcoming real and perceived limitations to get and stay on your Path.
  • 8/31    Inbox Audio Tips #2: Nurturing Action in the Now—how to keep motion alive with small, inspired, present-focused steps, plus recommended action steps
  • 9/7    Teleseminar #3: Awaken to What Matters Most.  Plugging in to you Uninterruptible Power Source
  • 9/14   Inbox Audio Tips #3: Elevated Awareness- tools for daily re-focus on your intentions, plus recommended action steps
  • 9/21    Teleseminar #4:  Intentional Choosing for Success.  Realization and fulfillment made Simple.

This Program is designed for those of you who:

  • Are motivated and READY to see results (and are done waiting for the “right” time…)
  • Wish to reveal clarity re: your desired outcomes
  • Can't wait to clear out obstacles between you and the life you love
  • Find that you’re most successful when you have the perfect mix of support, strategies, action steps and freedom.

Register today!  The 1st Inbox Audio recording will arrive on Wed August 10th- with 7 Tools to Clarify and Create a Powerful Intention and then,

the kickoff call is Wed August 17th from 12-1pm MST (See all the other call dates to the left and plan your schedule around them.) 

NOTE: All calls are recorded, so any you must miss will be availabe within 24 hours of the live Teleseminar.

Upon registering, you'll receive call-in details so you can be privy to the step by step process of how to Transform Your Intentions into Action.

Looking forward to connecting with you soon,

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