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Corinne Gregory 


Tuesday August 16, 2011 from 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM PDT

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Online webinar 


Webinar: Classroom Management for Success - Part I 

Invest 90 minutes now and reap a full school year's worth of benefits!

Classroom management is one of the most challenging aspects of teaching, and the lack of discipline and order in the classroom environment is the number-one cited reason for teacher burnout and turnover. The purpose of this program is to provide teachers with the necessary skills to effectively manage their classrooms, increase productive teaching time, improve student learning opportunities, and reduce stress on teachers and students alike.

Typical classroom management programs generally place the burden of maintaining order and discipline on the teacher, but offer little about the other 15/20/30 participants in the "educational workplace" -- the students. In this course we'll explain why students' social skills are so critical to not only their individual performance, but the overall success of the classroom.  We'll offer practical tips that you can use now from building high-performing classrooms where students know what's expected of them and treat all members of the classroom with respect!

Classroom Management for Success offers over 2 full hours of content, divided in two sessions for your convenience.

Part I covers: 

  • What aare SocialSmarts anyway?
  • Building a framework for success: using SocialSmarts-based methods that aid in developing a positive classroom environment
  • Discipline is Not a Dirty Word: why establishing, maintaining, and enforcing basic discipline rules and concepts in the classroom will reap significant benefits, both immediate and long-term

Part II (August 18th, same time) covers:

  • Motivators and practices of effective discipline:  explaining concepts of “positive” discipline and “negative” discipline, why one method is more effective than another, and the traits of each method
  • Techniques for helping establish a good classroom routine designed to make positive connections with students, build a model of respect and order, and reinforce these concepts on a daily basis

The length of each webinar session is 90 minutes total. The first 60 minutes of the webinar is the formal instruction time. For the final 30 minutes of each session, we allow you a chance to ask YOUR questions. To ensure that your questions are covered, please submit them via email at least 24 hours before the session begins.  Questions that are submitted in advance are given priority during the Q&A time. We make every attempt to answer questions during the live Q&A time, however, due to time limitations we may not get to all questions submitted during the webinar.


The cost for this session is $29.00 (normally $49/person); we will NOT be able to accommodate/admit anyone to the seminar who is not preregistered. If you'd like to register for both classes at the same time, we offer a discounted rate of $50/both. Email us at if you'd like to register for both classes.  Also, we do offer discounted rates for organizations who are sending multiple participants; contact us via email for discount and group participation details.