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Debbie Dixon 
Genesee Packaging, Inc. 


Genesee Packaging On-Demand Webinar 

Welcome to our On-Demand Webinar series.  Please register for this event.  Once done, you will be able to view all materials and receive a promo code for a customizable discount.

This series will help you discover -


How to strategically buy shipping and packaging supplies

for your business or from the GSA schedule

How innovative packaging solutions can save you

time and money 

 Why commodity management is crucial to your success



Learn about Genesee Packaging's Products & Services including:

  • How the Correct Container = Successful Shipping
  • Pallet Power: Are you using the right pallet?
  • Is holding on to inventory slowing down your operation?
  • Why better packaging means bigger savings
  • How custom designed packaging can cut costs and protect your product
  • There's power in numbers: How to be more efficient with kitting and sequencing parts