Thursday, February 16, 2012, at 7:00 p.m.
to Thursday, February 16,2012 at 9:00 p.m.

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St. Paul's Bloor Street, 
227 Bloor Street East
Toronto, ON M4W 1C8

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FULL-DAY or two 1/2 day WORKSHOPS

Saturday, March 24, 2012
Photo by jsawkins, Creative Commons License
By the end of either half-day workshop, you will write, record, edit, produce and publish your own audio or video segment to upload to your website for maximum impact.

for Moving Your Messages: Audio & Video


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Tuesday, March 20, 2012
Writing Your Way: Careers in Corporate Writing and Copywriting 

Find lucrative opportunities to serve businesses starved for clean, client-winning prose. Experts teach you how to leverage your work, build a portfolio, find clients and prepare a winning pitch.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012  Insider Tips: Getting Started in Health and Science Writing
Have you always wanted to write about health and science topics? Take advantage of the growing demand in this market with tips from three of Canada’s top-ranked health and science writers.
Tuesday, May 15, 2012  Make Your Narrative Non-Fiction Dazzle!
How can your non-fiction enchant and captivate readers? What are the latest techniques?
Experts in this genre will help you set the scene and turn real-world issues into stories that sell.




Thursday, February 16, 2012

abstract image of a computer mouse

Does digital journalism present a legitimate, financially viable alternative to traditional media or is it just a pallid copy of old-school newspaper, TV and radio news?

Learn how editors and writers are making it in a digital age! 

This seminar examines digital journalism. That is, online reporting. Not personal blogging or posting party photos online, but old-fashioned journalism. News and feature stories, complete with interviews and research, done on the Internet. Speakers will discuss the brave new world of online reporting, and how it’s similar and dissimilar to traditional, print-based journalism. Learn about work opportunities for serious writing in this rapidly growing field. 


Wilf Dinnick, CEO of OpenFile

Wilf Dinnick is the CEO of OpenFile and has just been named J-Source Newsperson of the Year.  He has reported from Pakistan and Afghanistan, as well as from Africa, Europe and all over the Middle East. He covered the war in Iraq, Afghanistan's first democratic elections, the South Asian tsunami, the death of Pope John Paul II, and the Orange Revolution in Ukraine. He has worked for CBC, Global, CNN and ABC News. He's had some amazing experiences, but founding OpenFile is far and away the most frightening and exciting so far.

Bert Archer, development editor for Yonge Street

Bert Archer is the development editor for Yonge Street. Born in Montreal, bred in Victoria, and schooled in Toronto, he has been an editor at Quill & Quire, Eye Weekly, the Toronto Star and the Globe and Mail, a columnist for Quill & Quire, Xtra, the Bloomsbury Review, Fab, NOW, and the Toronto Star. He currently writes about real estate for Toronto Life and is a travel columnist with the Globe and Mail. Books he's written or written for include The End of Gay (and the death of heterosexuality), uTOpia, What I Meant to Say, GreenTOpia, HTO and The Edible City. He thinks the world has a lot to learn from Toronto.

Navneet Alang, technology-culture writer for the Toronto Standard

Navneet Alang is the technology-culture writer for Toronto Standard, which describes itself as “a daily digital briefing on the life of the city, covering urban affairs, business, technology, culture and design — and all the sparks that happen in between.” He is also the web columnist at This magazine and a tutorial leader at York University.



Nate Hendley, freelance writer and author

Nate Hendley is a Toronto-based freelance writer and author. He has written extensively for both online and print-based media outlets, including The National Post, Eye Weekly, OpenFile, NOW magazine and more. He managed the blog Studio Toronto and has published a series of non-fiction books, primarily in the true-crime genre. Nate serves as VP Networking and Special Events for PWAC, Toronto Chapter.

Registration: 6:30 p.m.
Panel Discussion/Q&A: 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

FREE for PWAC members and students (*advance online registration)
$20 for on-site registration
$10 for members of associate writers’ groups (*advance online registration)
$15 for non-member (*advance online registration)

*Advance online registration is available up to midnight before the event or until the event sells out. REGISTER NOW

glass of beer Post seminar Cheers with Peers
networking at
The Bishop and the Belcher
175 Bloor Street East, Toronto 
(Pay for your own cheers)

Attend FREE lunch and learn sessions daily at Centre for Social Innovation during SOCIAL MEDIA WEEK in Toronto, February 13-17, 2012

Day 1 - SOCIAL MEDIA WEEK Monday, February 13 NOON- 1PM
A Social E-Society: Community Building Online
Learn how to create, share and build community online using new tools for digital dialogue. We'll tie together the most popular social networking sites, user generated content, conversation hubs, forums and community calendars - to form a social E-society.

Day 2 - SOCIAL MEDIA WEEK Tuesday, February 14 NOON- 1PM
The Community Within: Digital Brand Stamping
Within the web, there are micro-sites for brands, organizations, events, promotions, new product launches and contests. Create your personalized do-it-yourself digital brand stamp landing or web pages for E-commerce, content sharing and Internet marketing. You can customize and create media-rich html5 packages that can be added to any site or page with a link - and you don’t need to be a designer!

Day 3 - SOCIAL MEDIA WEEK Wednesday, February 15 NOON- 1PM

Business and Information at Light Speed: Digital Content Creation
Rich digital dialogue involves knowledge of using multi-media for creative customization of content, whether it is E-book or E-magazine publishing, or dynamic blogs with video, audio, animation and image reveals. Page authors learn how to do free-format web page design to engage and interact on every page.

Day 4 - SOCIAL MEDIA WEEK Thursday, February 16 NOON- 1PM
At Your Fingertips: E-Desktop Design for Dummies
It’s time to say goodbye to PDF and PowerPoint! With technology, moves design. And it’s never been easier to use varied text, multi-media and links to make presentations, online brochures and newsletters move with digital drag and drop page design. You’ll use images, diagrams, designs, plans and portfolios to showcase you or your organization.

Day 5- SOCIAL MEDIA WEEK Friday, February 17 NOON- 1PM
Innovative Minds and Technology: E-Publishing made Easy
Learn how to create digital publications, flyers and catalogues using multi-media to publish online. Easy access to video, images and all E-docs with web links. With publication and communication tools, content and design merge innovative minds and technology.

This WEBINAR series will also run from May 15 - 29, 2012 REDEFINE ONLINE-->REGISTER HERE