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A. Tamasin Sterner, President and Chief Coach 
Pure Energy Coach LLC 


Monday October 10, 2011 at 9:00 AM MDT
Friday October 14, 2011 at 5:00 PM MDT

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TPEC Main Hall
The Pure Energy Center 
194 Matheson Road
Lavina, MT 59046

About The Pure Energy Center  

Getting to The Pure Energy Center 

Our Credentials

BPI AffiliatePure Energy Coach LLC has delivered building energy science training for over 30 years and we have audited more than 40,000 homes for energy conservation and efficiency improvements. The skills we will teach you are distilled from our many decades of practical hands-on, field experience. We have Training Affiliate status with the Building Performance Institute (BPI) — the nation's premier building performance credentialing, quality assurance and national standards setting organization.

Our course leader's deep and pragmatic knowledge, coupled with hands-on and individually attentive delivery of training, means you get the most comprehensive and practical professional training in the industry — which will help you get a good job, keep your current job, or advance in the field.

Course Leader

 A. Tamasin Sterner

A. Tamasin Sterner has been an energy auditor since 1980. She has taught energy conservation and efficiency courses to hundreds of people. Tamasin and her staff strive to continuously coach energy technicians at every opportunity. Her company is a BPI Affiliate, and she is BPI BA, Envelope, Heating Professional and Multi Family Certified.


Women's Energy Auditing Course 

The Pure Energy Center and Ranch

The Pure Energy Center continues to deliver its Rocky Mountain Building Science and Energy Efficiency training programs at its new retreat-style campus on a unique 212-acre Montana ranch. This five-day course incorporates classroom lecture and demonstrations with an emphasis on student interaction during lab exercises.

Who Should Attend

 Blower door training House of Pressure demonstration
  • Women who want to be residential Energy Auditors
  • New or experienced Energy Auditors or Building Analysts who want or need to be BPI Certified
  • Certified Building Analysts who want CEUs
  • Builders, Remodelers and Home Improvement Contractors
  • Home Inspectors and Raters
  • Building Operators and Maintenance Staff
  • Code Officials and Home Inspectors
  • HVAC Contractors

This course is for women only.

Course and Learning Retreat Fees

Course $650
On-site room and meals $200
Meals only (for commuters) $75
Optional BPI certification online and field tests $650



7.5 BPI CEU's for those who are already BPI Certified!

You’ll learn why houses remain uncomfortable and expensive to run, even after new windows or new heating systems are installed, as well as how:

  • Buildings lose and gain energy
  • Appliances and HVAC systems use energy
  • People control the use or waste of energy
  • Houses can make people sick, and how to fix thi
  • To check structures for energy saving opportunities
  • To evaluate the appliances and heating/cooling systems for how to save energy
  • To help occupants reduce home energy consumption
  • To conduct the diagnostic testing that an energy auditor or building analyst typically needs to know
  • To follow Building Performance Institute (BPI) standards and how your BPI certification will support your success in this industry.

What makes Pure Energy Coach’s training even more valuable for you?

  • We offer personalized mentoring and support after you’ve completed the course
  • We deliver a hands-on experience: you get to practice techniques first-hand and get instant feedback
  • We offer optional BPI Testing for Certification (additional fee)

Registration deadline is October 3. First come, first served.