Robin (Peglow) Berg 
Soul Moxie 


Friday September 2, 2011 from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM MDT

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Robin's Abode (details upon registration) 
DU Area, CO 80210 


Soul Adventures Club- Exploration in Painting

Curious about what Soul Adventures Club is for and why I created it?
Click here (info page will open in a new window.)

Just to be clear, let's start off with some disclaimers:

  • no artistic skill required
  • no experience necessary 

This exploration in painting is not about creating a pretty picture to take home and hang in the bathroom. (Though who's to say you won't!?) 

This Exploration in Painting is about:

  • Discovery
  • Fun
  • Taking risk (with color, shape, design, ideas)
  • Self expression
  • Trusting yourself
  • Stimulating your mind and perspective

Also, a side note...

For our culture and all businesses to thrive, creativity is the up-and-coming tool you'll absolutely want to have in your toolkit. Not only does it sharpen your thinking and problem solving skills, but it is one of the few things that you just can't automate or get from a machine, making you, as a creative human being, invaluable. 

We'll start with a conversation about the role and value of creativity in our everyday lives and to our Souls.  Then we'll play for a bit with paint and finish with whatever bag lunch you choose to bring along.

Since this will be at my home, I'll share specific location details upon registration.  Also if you are not a dog lover or are severly allergic, this probably isn't a great event for you as I have 2 friendly pups on the premises.  (Weather permitting, we'll be outside.)

Join us!  (Limited to 10 Adventurers)

And remember:

  • Your 1st event is my treat
  • You can bring a (different) friend every time
  • There's no other "club" like this in town!

See you soon!

Again you can find out more information about the club and its design here