Robin (Peglow) Berg 
Soul Moxie 


Thursday September 15, 2011 from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM MDT

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Wash Park- meet at the Boathouse 
Exposition and Downing
Denver, CO 80209

Driving Directions 

Soul Adventures Club- Fall Soul-stice Event 

It's remarkable that despite having numerous significant "transitions" during the year, how infrequently in our culture we pause to take note of them.  There is little time devoted to the "ceremony" of passing time, the celebration of what it has given us and what we are delighted to leave behind.

On my honeymoon 3 years ago I was inspired by how Hawaii has a ceremony for everything, even the grand opening of a new parking garage (for real!)  What a wonderful way to honor beginnings, endings, and transitions.

Join us for this Wash Park Soul-stice event where we'll take time to honor the shift from Summer into Fall, to enjoy the beauty of the park before it changes, and to share insights of how we might navigate transitions so that they can be both enjoyable and meaningful.

Join us!  (Limited to 10 Adventurers)

And remember:

  • Your 1st event is my treat
  • You can bring a (different) friend every time
  • There's no other "club" like this in town where you can simply "show up" to cool events (without having to plan it)!

See you soon!

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