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Please note that PSO memberships must be renewed every year and memberships are not transferrable between schools.

Hilton Elementary

Parent School Organization (PSO)

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Membership for 2011-2012 school year

The PSO is a group of parents and teachers who work to support the school by organizing events, providing recognition to students and teachers, coordinating volunteer efforts in the school, and raising money for special projects for the school. Our goal is to enhance the education of each student at Hilton.

By joining the PSO, every minute you volunteer counts toward Hilton's non-profit status-resulting in much-needed corporate donations and tax-free status!

There is no obligation to attend PSO meetings or join a committee, but there are numerous opportunities to volunteer: lunch/recess duty, classroom help, habitat maintenance, hikes, class parties, special events, fundraisers, career day ... even from your home!

All volunteer efforts, money raised, and corporate donation enhance your child's experience through:

Book Fair, Bowling, Courtyards, Cultural Arts/Assemblies, Family Bingo Night Field Day, Habitat, Health & Safety, Holiday Shoppe, Learning Lobby, Market Day, Recycling, Right To Read Week, Science DZ, Year End Pizza Party

Please join our group of parents and teachers in supporting our school-even if you can only volunteer a few hours a year. 

Get a free Bees Bag when you join!

Payment:  Paypal and Checks.  Checks: $5.00 per member or $10.00 per family. Please make the checks out to Hilton PSO.

Paypal: $5.50 per member or $11.00 per family.  This includes the fees that Paypal charges us to use their services.

Thank you for your support!