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Boston GreenFest 2012 

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Boston GreenFest 2012 Craft Vendor Sign-Up

Boston GreenFest 2012 will again host an EcoBazaar to sell sustainable wares, recycled items and products that are made from recycled or sustainable materials.  Craft vendors making these wares by hand benefit from lower prices than specialty small business vendors.  Continue to the registration sheet to see the full display.


This space will be open throughout the festival:

Thursday, August 16,  5-9:30 pm

Friday, August 17 noon- 9:30 pm

Saturday, August 18, 11 am - 8 pm.


We need a time commitment for these hours and therefore we attempt to keep the fee at a reasonable level.

More Information

Each exhibitor must take responsibility for all items and contents on display.  Displays must be supervised at all times.  Please note that overnight security is minimal.

WAIVER:  I, the Vendor, hereby release and discharge Foundation for a Green Future Inc., the City of Boston and all businesses, agencies, and other sponsoring companies and persons from responsibility from all injuries or damages suffered as a result of participation in Boston GreenFest 2012.  Additionally, I permit the use of my name and photos in all Boston GreenFest related media.

Please make checks payable to Foundation for a Green Future, Inc.  The cost for electrical hookup is additional.  All monies received will be considered a donation to the Foundation and as such are not refundable.  Please note that the Foundation reserves the right for final approval of all exhibitors, vendors, and sponsors.  If admission to Boston GreenFest 2012 is not approved, any registration fees paid will be returned.