Registration closes OCTOBER 28, 2011. 


Kellie Caddick 
Church of the Nativity 
410-252-6080 ext. 114 


Saturday November 5, 2011 from 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM EDT

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Church of the Nativity 
20 East Ridgely Road
Timonium, MD 21093

Driving Directions 

Welcome to Church of the Nativity's first annual parish       mini-conference!

This one day event is a chance to focus on the vision and mission of Nativity and why what we do MATTERS.

The mini-conference will include music, worship, fun, and special presentations given by Pastor Michael White and Associate to the Pastor Tom Corcoran.  Exciting and thought provoking breakouts will also be presented by the Nativity staff which will bring you further into the vision and mission of Church of the Nativity.


Attendees will have the opportunity to attend a morning and afternoon breakout session.  Please take a moment to review the following breakout topics as you will select two (2) sessions while completing your conference registration:

Marathon Ministry: Thinking About Every Step We Take by Chris Wesley                                                       

Leading a ministry is like running a marathon, it's a journey where every step counts.  Too often churches focus on events and programs; however, they'll never lead you anywhere.  In this workshop you'll learn how to be efficient and purposeful in everything you do.  Offered both morning and afternoon.

Intentional Ops: Leveraging Operations to Drive the Mission by Kathleen Leslie

For professional church staff working in all areas of operations (finance, facilities management, HR, IT and development), others whose ministries involve these areas, and all frustrated church administrators. Discussions will include the difference between strategically leveraging operations to advance the church mission vs. allowing operations to become the mission.  Learn strategies you can employ to execute the mission while building bridges to your ministry teams and improving relationships with non-administrative staff and ministers.  Offered both morning and afternoon.

Inside Out Ministry: Keeping Insiders Focused on the Lost by Maria Folsom-Kovarik    

It’s easy to focus our efforts on pleasing the people who are in the door and lose sight of the people who don’t come to church. The constant temptation is to make evangelization one of the things we do rather than the heartbeat of all we do. This session will help you orient the ministries going on inside of church toward the people who haven’t even shown up.  Offered both morning and afternoon.                     

Not Just Volunteers: Investing in People to Carry Out the Mission of Your Ministry by Brian Crook     

Recruiting folks to give their time and talents in ministry can be challenging -- but It's nearly impossible for your ministry to have an impact if you're a one-man show. For anyone who leads a core group of volunteer ministers either long or short term, get ideas on how to connect with each person to create an environment that will elevate your team.  Offered both morning and afternoon. 

Protect this House: Defending your prayer life by Kristin Costanza

We all have busy lives. We are juggling a lot of things and whenever possible, we try to multitask. Sometimes serving in ministry, despite our best intentions, can seem like another thing on the to do list. Often, serving in ministry can take the place of our personal prayer life. This can be a dangerous road, and lead us further from the abundant life God has for us. We are a spiritually hungry community. We desire more and God is ready to give it to us.  Strengthening your relationship with God is essential to being a minister. The more time you spend with God, not only do you have more balance, but serving becomes an expression of your faith, not a replacement.  This session is for ministers of all types who struggle to balance their personal faith with their service in ministry.  Offered both morning and afternoon.

A Parish's Core Business: Using the Weekend to Change Lives by Tom Corcoran  (New Addition!)

This session is intended for non-Nativity members, however, all are welcome.  In this session, we will look at the weekend experience as the driving engine of the Church and how it must be the absolute number one priority for any parish.  We will examine the essential elements to making the weekend an excellent experience to change lives and fulfill the mission Jesus gave us.  Offered both morning and afternoon.