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Jeff Gorski 
The World Throws Center North Carolina Contracted Coach 


Sunday November 6, 2011 from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST

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New Hope Community Center 
4012 Whitfield Rd.
Chapel Hill, NC

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North Carolina  

World Throws Center North Carolina Phase 1 Coaches' Course 

Mentorship 2011Learn the basics of the WTC Drill Progression for Shot Put and Discus as well as the basics of full throws techniques.  All Course Graduates also become part of the WTC Clinicians Referral network for future athlete coaching referrals in their areas.

Coaches are taught the basic drill progressions and technique theory used in both the WTC Phase 1 Clinics and with all athletes who train at the World Throws Center.  Use this information to improve your throwers for years to come. Check out our Phase 1 Coaches' Course and Athlete Clinic video here:

Components include:

  • Hands-Free BasicsPhase 1 Coaches Course Materials
  • Medicine Ball Standing Progression
  • Right Leg Medicine Ball Components
  • Left Leg Medicine Ball Components
  • Rotation Through Extension Sequencing
  • Linear Movement Drills
  • Rotational Balance Drills
  • Glide Basics
  • Hurdle Drills Integration
  • Cone Drills Integration

After completing the Phase 1 Clinicians Course and passing the online exam, coaches are eligible to assist at future WTC Phase 1 Clinics and the WTC Summer Camp.

As always, all Assistant Coaches (and Apprenticing Assistants) at WTC Clinics are compensated for their time.  WE ALWAYS PAY EVERY COACH.  Clinician Course Graduates who assist in just two clinics recoup their entire Clinician Course Fee.