Visiting Nurse Health System 
Hospice Atlanta Center
Clergy Outreach Initiative 

Grief Picture 
You are called to the bedside of a dying congregant. 
What do you do?  
What do you say?

This initiative is a series of  four 2-hour seminars developed to help clergy minister to congregants who are facing a life-limiting illness, end of life, or grief.  The philosophy of hospice and concept of palliative care will be explored. Specific topics include:

  • Theoretical foundations of death, dying and bereavement;
  • Ethical, moral and legal issues surrounding end of life;
  • Cultural considerations of those who are dying, their families, and those who are bereaved;
  • Communication techniques that have proven to help the dying and the bereaved;
  • Fears of those who are dying and those who are left behind;
  • Unusual communications often used by those who are dying;
  • Spiritual care during the final hours of life.

Each seminar is FREE and will be held at the
Visiting Nurse Health System
Hospice Atlanta Center
1244 Park Vista Drive, Atlanta, GA 30319 

  Attend one, two, three or all of the seminars


Hospice Atlanta Center
1244 Park Vista Drive
Atlanta, GA 30319


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Rev. Mr. Bob Hauert, Chaplain 

Visiting Nurse Health System Clergy Outreach 


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The Visiting Nurse System Hospice Atlanta Center gratefully acknowledges Dr. Linda Streit and the Georgia Baptist College of Nursing of Mercer University for their support of this initiative.