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Health and Financial Literacy:  Gearing Up for New Health Insurance Law


Having health insurance is tied to better health. Better health is tied to better financial well-being. With passage of health reform, nearly 30 million uninsured Americans will have the opportunity to enroll in health insurance plans beginning January 1, 2014. That means the next two years-2012 and 2013-are vital years for consumer education and information. Additionally, many more eligible to enroll in Medicaid and Medicare.


A massive amount of education will be needed as we prepare for this groundbreaking change that will require families to make significant decisions about their healthcare and how they will pay for the insurance.


The problem is, as research shows, consumers fear or at best don't understand how to purchase any insurance, let alone the complex health care products on the market today.  And right now, the teaching tools don't even exist . . . . in fact, there is no one group of professionals prepared to teach them.


This is a pivotal moment for family and consumer sciences.


Join your FCS colleagues at this educational webinar (1.5 PDUs) to get up to speed on the imminent legislation, the timelines we are facing, and the urgent need for health and financial literacy for all Americans.  


Health and Financial Literacy:  Gearing Up for New Health Insurance Law


Presented by Bonnie Braun and Lynn Quincy

Archived Recording:  90-minute program


$35 AAFCS members ($50 nonmembers)

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The need for both health literacy and financial literacy has never been greater.


By 2014, all the major provisions of the Affordable Care Act go into effect. A major focus is health insurance for consumers, who will need to make choices that could have significant impact on their finances and their health.


It is urgent that FCS professionals get up to speed now and be prepared to advocate for your programs to deliver this consumer education. This is a unique opportunity to position our profession at the forefront of this historic legislation that inextricably links health and financial literacy.



In this 90-minute program including Q&A, you will explore:

  • The main provisions of the Affordable Care Act
  • The rational for the connection between health and financial literacy
  • Cognitive short-cuts to help you get through the complex information
  • How to position FCS as a leader in this public education effort and areas for action
  • How you can make the case for linking health and financial literacy education to colleagues, potential partners, school administrators and public policymakers.

Some of the changes triggered by healthcare reform are already happening. Medicare and Medicaid forms have been released and, in 2012, insurance disclosure forms will be introduced. Plan features will be displayed soon. And this is just the beginning.


Policy decisions are still being made at the state level regarding the roll out and implementation of the legislation. This webinar will give you the knowledge and the advocacy tools you need to seize the opportunity to expand your educational programs and have an enormous impact on all individuals, families, and communities.


The entire nation is making an enormous commitment to reform our healthcare system using taxpayer dollars. Shouldn't FCS be on the front lines of the consumer education needed to ensure the success of this program?



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About the Presenters:


Bonnie Braun, PhD, Family Policy Specialist, University of Maryland Extension and Faculty Scholar, Horowitz Center for Health Literacy and Lynn Quincy, Senior Health Policy Analyst, Consumers Union, publisher of Consumers Reports magazine, have teamed up to bring you up to date on the Affordable Care Act and the opportunity it affords for integrating health and financial literacy education



Bonnie Braun



Dr. Braun has been an Extension FCS professional for over 30 years and has a strong background in creating consumer education curricula. She has presented several programs over the past year on the implications of the Affordable Care Act. As past-president of AAFCS, she understands the potential of mobilizing members in public policy matters and in professional skill development.








Ms.Quincy works on a wide variety of health policy issues, focusing primarily on the areas of consumer protection and health insurance reform at the federal and state levels. Ms. Quincy serves as a consumer representative with National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). She recently completed a grant-funded project that conducted consumer testing of the new health insurance disclosure forms being developed by the NAIC.

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