In Singapore
Date : 15 February 2012 (Wed)
Time : 0830hr to 1230hr
Singapore Cricket Club
Connaught Drive, Singapore 179681

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Joy Lee 
Ethics 360 Media Pte Ltd 

Top Ten FCPA Enforcement Actions Seminar

It's been another busy year for enforcement of the FCPA. And it's likely that such vigorous enforcement will continue into 2012. What does this stringent approach to FCPA enforcement really mean for companies and executives in Asia?  

The FCPA Blog's all time 'Top Ten FCPA Enforcement Actions' gives a perspective on past enforcement and future trends.

Richard L. Cassin, Founder and Lead Writer of The FCPA Blog, will be sharing lessons learnt from the Top Ten FCPA Enforcement Actions, the implications for companies operating in Asia; and how we should approach anti-corruption compliance in the coming year.   

Michael Short, FCPA Screening & Emerging Market Due Diligence Specialist will be sharing and interpreting the findings of the recent Anti-Corruption Compliance Program Benchmarking Survey which was jointly produced by Ethics 360 Media, The FCPA Blog, and Kaplan & Walker LLP to determine what actually constitutes a world class anti-corruption compliance program for companies operating in Asia.

This will be followed by a Q&A session where invited guests will have the opportunity to share their concerns and views.

We hope you join us as our guest for the seminar.