Donna Saliter
In Touch Promotions


Wednesday December 14, 2011 from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM EST

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Build Content and Grow Your Fanbase 

So you have all your email and social media accounts set up. Now what? It's a challenge to grow your fanbase and post relevant content to all those sites. Even if you know how to write good content and get more fans, you may not have the time. Well, now is the time to "fall" into your online marketing strategy!

This webinar is in two sessions:

Session I: Building Content. We will explore the many ways of creating content for emails and social media sites and study companies with interesting and compelling content. We'll review the best practices for content development. You will utilize your fellow classmates in exercises to help you expand your ideas for new posts, newsletters, etc. Finally, we'll show you how to manage your time when posting to multiple sites.

Session II: Grow Your Fanbase. We will review all the known ways to grow a fanbase for both email and social media marketing. The class will discuss the best practices for various industries and budgets. You will engage in exercises to begin the fan growth process. You will also have the opportunity to exchange "likes" and emails with your fellow classmates.

When you register, please indicate whether you want to participate in Session I, Session II, or the Entire Webinar. Email and social media marketing can be easy and fun! Register today and "fall" into your online marketing strategy!