2012 Orthotic and Mastectomy Course - San Diego California 


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Orthotic Fitter Labs is 8am - 5pm PST Thursday Jan 19th & Friday Jan 20th

Mastectomy Fitter Lab is 8:00 am - 3 pm Saturday Jan 21st


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Orthotic Fitter Course

Distance Learning + 2 day Lab

January 19th & 20th

Mastectomy Fitter Course

Distance Learning + 1/2 day Lab

January 21st

San Diego, California

Orthotic Fitter - This course is a full spectrum study in Orthotics and qualifies as the prerequisite course of study for BOC - Certified Orthotic Fitter (COF) or ABC - Certified Fitter Orthotics (CFo).   This Orthotic Fitter Course will include all the required courses by distance learning. You will be provided with special 24/7 access to the course material via the internet on our distance learning website until completed. You can complete this course on your schedule which will save you from having to attend a full five day course and being away from your office during business hours. Once complete it will be followed by a two day face-to-face lab on January 19th & 20th from 8 am - 5:30 pm in San Diego.

Mastectomy Fitter - This course can be taken in conjunction with the Orthotic Fitter Course or Stand Alone.   Either way the course will include all the required courses by distance learning, available on the internet 24/7 from the comfort of your home or office. This course is a full spectrum study and qualifies as the prerequisite course of study for BOC - Certified Mastectomy Fitter (CMF) or ABC - Certified Fitter Mastectomy (CFm).  Once complete it will be followed by a face-to-face lab on January 21st  from 8 am -3 pm.

Each session contains the required courses to meet the NCOPE standards as certification prerequisite requirements for ABC and/or BOC. Candidates must complete each course and pass each course exam with an 80% or better score prior to attending the live face-to-face labs in San Diego.

During the face-to-face you will receive instructions on how to fit the required orthoses and will be evaluated on your fitting competence. The final face-to-face labs which will be held at Hampton Inn Sea World - Airport at 3888 Greenwood Street San Diego, CA 92110 on Jan 19th & 20th and the Mastectomy Course on the 21st. Remember if you do not complete the distance learning portion prior to the face-to-face labs you will have an opportunity to attend any of our other courses within a six month window from the time you complete your course material.

There is limited seating, so sign up TODAY Register your attendance with the blue "Register Now" button below. This class will fill up fast.

When you meet the education, experience and examination requirements by the Certifying Board and become a Certified Orthotic Fitter or Certified Mastectomy Fitter, you may qualify to fit certain Pre-Fabricated Orthoses*.

* State Licensure Laws and scopes of practice apply.

Orthotic Fitter Course  $549.00.

Mastectomy Fitter Course $189.00

If you sign up for both $658.00 you SAVE $80.00 when attending both sessions.



Orthotic Fitter Course Outline:

Distance Learning On-line sessions:

Session One

  • Practice Management, Medical Terminology,  Tools & Techniques, Anatomy - Physiology, Cervical Anatomy and Orthotic applications, Gait Analysis

  Session Two

  • SOAP Notes, .Biomechanics, Spinal Anatomy and Orthotic applications, Kinesiology Lower Extremity, Lower Extremity Anatomy and Orthotic applications, Diabetic Foot, Anatomy and Therapeutic Shoe Fitting, Compliance

Session Three

  • Hazard Communications, Kinesiology Upper Quarter, Upper Extremity Anatomy and Orthotic applications, Venous Insufficiencies, Lymphedema, HIPAA,  Ethics

Face to Face Labs

First Live Lab Day

  • Face to Face Labs - Spinal Lab, Lower Anatomy Lab

Second Live Lab Day

  • Face to Face Labs - Lower Anatomy Lab, Venous Insufficiency Lab,  Foot Lab, Upper Anatomy Lab

 Mastectomy Fitter Course Outline:

Distance Learning On-line sessions:

Session One

  • Practice Management, Breast Anatomy, Anatomy Upper Torso, Medical Terminology, Writing proper SOAP notes, Biomechanics, Compliance, Venous Insufficiency, Lymphedema, HIPAA, Ethics, Risk Management, Hazard Communication.

Live Lab

  • Face to Face Lab, includes mastectomy prosthesis, bras, compression garments.



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