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Part 1 Wednesday, April 11th at 4:00pm ET*

Part 2  Wednesday, April 18th at 4:00pm ET*

*Not available on April 11th or 18th?  No Problem!  This event will be archived on the AAFCS website.

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An Ounce of Prevention:  Complete Curriculum on Preconception Issues for Teens and Young Adults

2-part series

April 11th (Archived Recording Available) and April 18th at 4:00pm ET

The debate over whether sex education should be taught in schools is over.  Today, most students learn about STDs, HIV/AIDS, birth control, and safe sex practices.


But there is a missing piece in their health education: how to prevent birth defects.


 Although there has been an explosion of research and data on how to prevent adverse outcomes such as fetal alcohol syndrome, many young people are not exposed to this information. They miss the information about the preventative aspect of birth defects, or how health behaviors, such as smoking cigarettes, might lead to low birthweight.

Students may graduate from high school never hearing about the role of genetics or how genetics counseling may help them prevent poor birth outcomes.


Recognizing this gap, a human development specialist, who previously was an FCS teacher, and two genetics counselors teamed up to develop a ready-to-deliver curriculum for grades 7 through 12. 


Join us for one or both parts of this educational webinar (1.5 PDUs each) to learn more about this versatile curriculum and how to enhance preconception health into your classroom:


An Ounce of Prevention:  Complete Curriculum on Preconception Issues for Teens and Young Adults

Presented by Brenda Bell and Lori Williamson Dean, CGC, LCG

Two 90-minute programs including Q & A

April 11th and 18th,  4:00 pm ET

$35 AAFCS members ($50 nonmembers) for 1 webinar

Or, Register for Both $50 AAFCS members ($80 nonmembers)

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NOTE:  Middle and High School students can attend for free with an individual paid registration.

Feedback from attendees who have participated in this program


"I have been using the materials in my class and they are great, the students love it and it is very user friendly."
-- Rhonda Galbraith, Central High School, Springfield, Mo.


"I'm sure this will be one of the most used resources in my classroom. The information has already been used in Child Development and Health classes and as a resource for speeches and research papers in Senior English."
-- Celia Dotson, Salisbury High School, Salisbury, Mo



The Ounce of Prevention curriculum developed by our presenters, with input from many teachers, is very versatile and flexible; it could be presented in 8-weeks, over an entire semester, or in segments that you choose.  Most teachers choose segments and incorporate them into classes on child development, family dynamics, or nutrition.  It also can be used in case management format or in one-on-one counseling.

Part 1 will provide an overview of the entire 10-chapter curriculum

Part 2 will offer an in-depth look at two chapters, covering alcohol and tobacco

Each webinar is a stand-alone program that will provide you with the essential information on the curriculum.


 Key points that will be covered:

  • Major problems and primary preventative factors of birth defects and other poor birth outcomes
  • Disorders that have a genetic connection
  • The dynamics of genetics and predictability of inheritable traits and disorders
  • How to create your own family health history to take to your physician
  • Motivators used to encourage teens to think long-term
  • Alignment with national FCS standards (plus Missouri and Common Core State Standards)
  • How to implement the Ounce of Prevention curriculum (Part 1 will go into more depth on this topic)
  • The particular birth defects and preventative behaviors associated with alcohol and tobacco (Part 2 only)
  • Resources, activities, and assessments
  • Summary of current sexually transmitted infections with interesting activities
  • How to access the free Moodle versions (one for students and one for teachers)

All of the material covered in the webinars and in the curriculum is research-based. 

It Takes Them By Surprise!
For most teens, it is hard for them to think beyond what they will wear tomorrow.  But chances are they have never before been presented with the idea of preconception health. It’s a whole new concept for them.


Showing them the consequences of poor choices on the baby takes them by surprise--especially the girls, as childbearers. 

Most teachers are not trained in teaching the preventative side of birth defects or genetics; indeed, FCS science and health textbooks barely touch on these topics.  Yet the impact this knowledge can have on the lives of our students is enormous.


Take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn about a curriculum unlike anything you have seen before.

Who should register?   FCS and health teachers in middle and high schools, community college instructors teaching child development, nursing, or public health courses, Extension educators, and health and human services agencies.


Not able to attend on April 11th or 18th? No problem. This event will be archived on the AAFCS website for the same low registration rates.  Click here to register for the archived recording.

About the Presenters:


Brenda Bell serves as a Human Development Specialist and county program director (CPD) for University of Missouri Extension in Howell County. CPD responsibilities include administrative duties of office operation, resource management and public relations. Brenda has a total of eighteen years experience with MU Extension.  Current programming focuses on adolescent health, early childhood care and education, and community leadership training.


Lori Williamson Dean, CGC, LGC is the Interim Chair and Assistant Professor at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.

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$35 for AAFCS members ($50 non-members) for 1 part

$50 for AAFCS members ($80 non-members) for both parts 


If you work at a higher ed institution and would be interested in using this webinar as content in your classroom, please contact Daila Boufford for information on special site license rates!





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