Max Rivers 
Two Rivers Mediation 


Saturday February 25, 2012
2:00 PM EST to 5:3


Rivers Manor 
508 E Sedgwick St
Philadelphia, PA 19119

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Pleasure Class for Couples:

What's After NVC! 

So NVC has resolved your conflicts, what's next?

The Pleasure Course!

Couples often come to Max with problems and issues that need resolving. Even after working through the Teamwork Mediation method, a lot of couples still have their focus on solving problems and keeping the peace.

But that's not why you got married, was it? NO! You wanted fun, pleasure, intimacy. So here is a cost-effective way for your and your spouse to learn the next set of skills after NVC: how to enjoy your spouse and your marriage.

This 3.5 hour class will teach you some new communication skills and games you can take home with you. (Note: no touching, or anything else which would be embarrasing for anyone - just a much more fun version of NVC-like communication techniques which will take your marriage to the next level.)

$100 includes you and your spouse!

Space is limited, so click below to register and pay online:

Register Now! (Note: For couples interested in deepening their pleasurable connection, we're running a four-week version of this class starting March 12th on Mondays from 7:30-9pm.)