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Gary Francart 
KTL Solutions, Inc 


Free to Attend (Earn 6 CPE Credits for Attending)


Thursday May 17, 2012 from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM EDT

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Microsoft Corporate Offices: Reston VA 
12012 Sunset Hills Road
Reston, VA 20190

Driving Directions 

7th Annual KTL Solutions User Conference

Last year, more than 125 finance, accounting and IT professionals joined us at the KTL Solutions User Conference for a great day of learning and networking. We have put together an agenda with sessions based on your feedback.  

We hope you can join us this year, as we focus on helping your organization improve efficiency. Space is limited so register now to gaurentee your spot at this years free User Conference.

2012 Session Scheduel

Session Topics

Microsoft GP Fully Loaded

Come see Dynamics ERP loaded with add-on products that help to streamline tasks and make your team more efficient.  We will show you the most ISV products on the market and how they can increase your company’s productivity.

Dashboards – Driving Efficiency with Data Visualization

See how role-based dashboards can put the information in the hands of the people who need it. How can you keep your management team focused on the right indicators?  Do your managers cling to familiar reports that they have always used? Find out how you can help your managers see the value in dashboards and information portals.  

Pivot Tables and Dashboards in Excel 2010 – Use Excel to Analyze Data from Different Angles

Excel’s latest Pivot Tables are easier to set up and use. In this session, you will learn how to use the power of the Pivot Table to solve many of your data analysis problems. Pivot Charts extend the functionality of Pivot Tables and help you build dashboards. This is a great opportunity to expand your Excel skills.

Is the Cloud the Right Choice for your Organization?

What factors should you consider when you are evaluating cloud-based software options?  From security to licensing options, we’ll help you ask the right questions. We will define the options and the key issues that you need to add to your evaluation checklist.

Reporting Tips and Tricks: Excel and SmartList Builder

What is the best tool to use for each reporting job?  We will explore the options and the best choices.  We will show you how to get the data and reports that you need through the fastest, most efficient process.  Do not miss this opportunity to speed up your reporting. 

Customer Retention: Keep the Customers you Have

How can you go about creating a culture that supports building long-term customer relationships? We’ll show you how to centralize customer information, analyze the data to find patterns and trends, and empower your teams to make customer service decisions based on their access to information. All this directly from Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  Find out how you can keep customers coming back.

Use SharePoint to Build Efficiency in Your Organization

Come see why SharePoint is Microsoft’s fastest growing server product, EVER.  We’ll show you how organizations are using SharePoint to support remote workers, support collaborative teams and project management.  During this session, you will learn about the different versions of SharePoint, including what is “free” for all Microsoft users, and see how other companies are leveraging SharePoint to gain efficiencies and a competitive advantage.

Management Reporter: Tips and Tricks

The transition to Management Reporter can be easier than you think.  Find out how to migrate from FRx and make the most of the features of Management Reporter.  Find out the best new feature in Management Reporter that we all longed for in FRx.

Next Generation Business Intelligence from Microsoft

Find out how SQL 2012 will help you unlock your data including structured, unstructured and cloud data sources. Managed Self-Service BI is the next generation from Microsoft – and we have the inside scoop. We will show you some amazing new tools that let you tap into the cloud to augment your in-house data.

Get Information In To and Out Of Your Financial Management System

Are you manually entering or importing data from one system to another? Find out how other companies are improving efficiency and reducing errors with automated integrations between their financial and line-of-business applications.  You may be surprised at how easy the process can be.

ERP in the Cloud

See how you can implement an excellent ERP system in the cloud.  Interested in learning more about SaaS (software as a service) ERP software?  It is a new world, but there are tremendous benefits to be had.  Find out what a Microsoft-based, cloud-based ERP solution can do for you.