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Saturday March 31, 2012 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EDT

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Introduction to EFT 


Do you, or someone you know, suffer from stress, anxiety, phobias, chronic pain, addiction or any  condition that prevents you from enjoying life to its fullest? What if you could be free from these ailments by using a proven, easy to use, drugless technique called Emotional Freedom Technique?

This introductory course includes all of the basics, what EFT is, the existence of energy theories,  balancing energy disruptions, increasing the quality of both your physical and mental well being, counteracting the effects of common toxins. This one-day workshop provides you with the relevant background information, basic training plus  practical, hands-on sessions in a relaxed, professional environment. It has been described as "fun, informative and incredibly valuable". 

Who Should Attend This Course?

   People Interested In Self-Help

This course is specifically for people who are interested in learning EFT for helping themselves, family and friends.

   Existing Therapists Or People Who Would Like To Become EFT Therapists

It is also a first step course for therapists who would like to add EFT to the existing therapies they practice and also for anyone who would like to take the first step toward becoming a Certified EFT Practitioner through AAMET. Since EFT is one of the easiest to learn and yet most effective therapies available in the world today, it is an excellent technique to learn for people who would like to take their first steps into the helping professions. No existing knowledge of EFT is required to attend this course as the course will cover all of the basics. The objectives of the course is to provide the student with sufficient knowledge to be able to work on a broad range of issues.

What Will You Learn On This Course?

1. The  Background And History Of EFT.  EFT is an Energy Therapy. Energy Therapies are those that work via the bodies subtle energy systems. The roots of all energy therapies stem back to the very beginning of our known knowledge. Evidence of the existence of energy therapies can be scientifically proven to exist from 3200 years BC.

2. Although the existence of Energy Therapies stem all the way to the beginnings of our history, EFT is a very modern therapy. It's more recent history stems from the work of Dr Roger Callahan, the American psychologist who developed the ground breaking technique called Thought Field Therapy.

3. Learn how Dr Callahan made the breakthrough that enabled techniques such as EFT to be developed etc.

4. Learn how EFT balances energy disruptions and how energy disruptions are the commonality of all problems. A simple theory that explains how EFT works.

5. EFT is still in its infancy as regards to development. As each day goes by therapists throughout the world are developing new ways in which to use the technique or new modifications that enhance its effectiveness. Pure EFT is the original version of Emotional Freedom Technique.

6. Personal Peace Procedure is a personal plan that helps you identify what you need to work on, using EFT, to increase the quality of your life. By working with the personal peace procedure you are able to increase the quality of both your physical and emotional health.

7. Energy toxins affect a very small percentage of people and stop therapy working for them. Learn about toxins and how to counteract their effects so that EFT can still work and get results.

8. How to get the EFT to work in difficult cases.

9. Movie Technique  Some events that happen in our lives are highly emotional. Even thinking about them can create great amounts of emotional upset. In some cases, that stress or discomfort can be of such a high intensity that it can be traumatic for the client. EFT can be applied in ways that can minimize or eliminate discomfort whilst working on highly traumatic events. The movie technique is a technique that can be used on the highly traumatic memories.

Your Trainer


DavidDavid Rourke, RSSW, CTS, EFTCert-Hon, EFT Master AAMET Logo

David Rourke is a registered counsellor, trauma specialist and EFT Master who has been in clinical practice for the last 25 years.   Since 1997, David has attended many workshops and conferences to expand his knowledge of EFT techniques, including working directly with EFT founder, Gary Craig.  He is renowned for his sense of humour, expertise and compassion that deeply impacts everyone who meets him. His international practice includes one-on-one counselling sessions both in person and via telephone as well as his training programs, workshops and speaking engagements.


"This has been the most amazing workshop I have ever attended! I feel so free!" - K.H, Toronto

"I never thought I could ever get over what happened to me. Your humour, insights and compassion along with EFT have left me feeling light, relaxed and most importantly, HOPEFUL! Thank you, David! -B.W., St. Catharines

"Wow! This is amazing. Since I started using EFT I've lost, not only the cravings for junk food, but 20 lbs! God bless you David and God bless EFT." - D.B., Mississauga

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