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AAMET EFT Practitioner Level II 


Advanced EFT Course Contents

*Completion of an Introduction to EFT course is a pre-requisite

Join us for this EFT Advanced applications course. This course if for people who are interested in becoming successful EFT practitioners. During this 2 day experiential workshop you will learn:

Principles from the Palace of Possibilities. Identification of client's belief structures and the origins of their development. Utilisation of affirmations and identification of 'tail-enders' that limit their effectiveness.

 Extra Tapping Points. The addition of extra tapping points developed from the work of Michael Gandy.

Methods to inject more gentleness into EFT. Some client issues carry a lot of emotion. EFT can be utilised in several ways that allows the therapist to minimise or eliminate any  discomfort. These methods include:  Tearless Trauma Technique. Chasing the Pain & Sneaking up on the problem.

 Dealing with Physical Issues. Utilising the chasing the pain approach and becoming more specific. As well as dealing with any emotional issues that may be a part of the problem.

 Using EFT via the telephone. Delivering EFT on the telephone or Skype is common place in North America. This component prepares the EFT Practitioner to use this method of delivering EFT.

 Delivering EFT in groups. One of the most interesting things about EFT is the fact that it can be used with groups as opposed to just working one on one with a client. This component of the course provides the EFT practitioner with experience working in group situations.

 Learn The anatomy of an emotional issue.

 Learn How to Map your sessions for more accuracy and efficiency.

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David Rourke, RSSW, CTS, EFTCert-Hon, EFT Master

David Rourke is a registered counsellor, trauma specialist and EFT Master who has been in clinical practice for the last 25 years.   Since 1997, David has attended many workshops and conferences to expand his knowledge of EFT techniques, including working directly with EFT founder, Gary Craig.  He is renowned for his sense of humour, expertise and compassion that deeply impacts everyone who meets him. His international practice includes one-on-one counselling sessions both in person and via telephone as well as his training programs, workshops and speaking engagements.


April 21-22, 2012

David Rourke & Associates

5800 Ambler Drive

Mississauga, On

$385.50 CDN includes exam

$335.00 CDN (audit, no cert.)

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