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Broken Promises:  10 Strategies to Achieve Financial Security When Benefits are Reduced


The match on your 401(k) plan may be reduced.
Your health insurance benefits are in flux.
As low-deductible options disappear, you may be forced into high deductible health insurance plans.
Furloughs are in. Salary increases are out.

Employee benefits such as these that you were originally promised by your employer are steadily being reduced or eliminated. These are the broken promises that you may be experiencing right now or will in the near future. 

Public sector employees, in particular—who once considered themselves immune to such benefit reductions—are feeling betrayed and angry.

The fact is, whether you are a public or private sector employee at any age from 25 to 65, you will be on the hook for higher expenses in 2012 and future years.  But that doesn’t have to spell financial or emotional distress for you or your family.

Join us at this solution-focused educational webinar (1.5 PDUs):


Broken Promises:  10 Strategies to Achieve Financial Security When Benefits are Reduced

Presented by Barbara O'Neill, Ph.D., CFP, CFCS

Archived Recording - 90 minute program

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You see it coming….the package of benefits you were counting on is being reduced bit by painful bit.  The secure retirement, dependable health insurance, the annual salary increase or bonus—even Social Security and Medicare—are no longer guaranteed. What should you do, or not do? How can you cope with the emotional duress and move into a more productive mindset?

AAFCS asked the highly regarded specialist in financial resource management, Barbara O’Neill, to develop a webinar that will show you how to mitigate the effects of employee benefit reduction and avoid the mistakes that many are making.

Dr. O’Neill has created 10 re-balancing strategies to tip the scales in your favor instead of the employers.

In this 90-minute program including Q&A, you will explore:
• Current realities about lost or reduced employee benefit plans
• The “New Normal” economic environment
• The “stampeding effect” and other mistakes that many individuals are making
• The Kubler-Ross grief model for coping with “bad news” about lost employee benefits
• Creative, modern day retirement strategies for all ages
• Prudent financial planning strategies to compensate for reductions in benefits, increased costs
• How to investigate new benefit alternatives
And much more!

Dr. O’Neill will walk you through 10 powerful strategies that are working today for people who are taking charge of the declining employee benefit situation and implementing change.  You also will learn how to reduce your own stress while you chart a course that will work for your family.  Bring your most perplexing questions!

Although as employees we don’t have control over reductions to health/retirement benefit plan—those decisions are made by employers, governors, and state legislators—or the volatility of the financial markets, there are plenty of things we can control.  This empowering webinar will show you how to exercise control where it counts and leverage your most valuable resources.

You can’t count on your employer or the government for a secure financial future anymore, but you can count on yourself.

Who should register?   Anyone who is working now in public or private sector jobs, particularly those who are experiencing losses or increased expenses or expect to in the near future.  FCS educators from all content areas will benefit personally from the information in this webinar, which was developed around core concepts in FCS. 

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About the Presenter:



Barbara O'Neill, Ph.D., CFP, CFCS, is an Extension Specialist in Financial Resource Management for Rutgers Cooperative Extension.  A frequent presenter at AAFCS Conferences, she has written over 1,500 newspaper articles and over 120 articles for professional publications and is the author or co-author of eight books.  She also provides national leadership for the Cooperative Extension program “Small Steps to Health and Wealth”™and directed the five-year MONEY 2000™ savings and debt reduction campaign in the 1990s that resulted in over $20 million of economic impact nationwide.  Dr. O'Neill has received dozens of national awards and over $550,000 in grants to support financial education programs and research.





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