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Saturday March 10, 2012 from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM EST

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Broadneck Medical Center 
269 Peninsula Farm Road
Bldg #1, Suite A
Laking Therapy Center
Arnold, MD 21012

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Pain Release Workshop 

  Tired of coping with constant, chronic, or unexplainable pain? 

  Quite often, unexplainable or chronic pain is actually emotional and therefore won’t respond to conventional treatment.  That’s the bad news.

  The good news is that it is possible to quickly and simply remove your pain by addressing the underlying issues.  The better news is that you don’t even need to “talk about” those issues – just think about them.

  Recent research has shown our bodies will “hold” negative emotional information in seemingly random places such as the shoulder, back, or knee and so on.  This emotional information is stored in a sort of electrical circuit.  If we can “reverse” that electrical circuit the pain goes away.  We now know how to do just that using a relatively new technique called, “Emotional Freedom Technique” sometimes referred to as “Tapping” *.

  As a result of attending this workshop you will learn how to “tap away” your pain and free yourself up to enjoy a normal active life!

  If this sounds like something you would like to learn then register today!

 What others are saying:  

Hey, Dr. Smith!

Thanks for reaching out to me.  Actually, my pain is gone.  So thank you for that!  I think it was, as you and I discussed the day after our session, that I just physically torqued the be-jeepers out of my back trying to self-correct and so the otherwise "unexplained pain" was quite explainable - I did it to myself.  But the underlying pain that has nagged me has yet to resurface.

After I arrived home, the explainable pain was gone within a few days, and since, I have been focused on changing my attitude and speaking to my subconscious in more positive terms.  

Of all the classes/workshops I have taken, yours has been the best experience and most memorable for me.  I've come back to the office boasting about your class, encouraging others to register for it.  Good stuff!

 Thank you again.

Patrick, US Army

(Testimonials are not a guarantee, warantee, or prediction of outcomes.)


*  Emotional Freedom Technique is not intended to substitute for professional medical treatment.  Always consult your medical professional.