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National Council of Asian Pacific Islander Physicians 


Block Room rates for the nights of May 17th and 18th are available at a discounted price: $159.00, under the name "NCAPIP Third Bi Annual Conference".  Cut date for block room rates: April 23rd


Friday May 18, 2012 at 8:30 AM EDT
Saturday May 19, 2012 at 4:45 PM EDT

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Crystal City Sheraton Hotel 
1800 Jefferson Davis HWY
Arlington, VA 22202

(703) 486-1111      

Best Airports to use: 1. Reagan (DCA), 2. Dulles (IAD)

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 Moving Forward on Health Reform: Optimal Health for All 

Conference Overview

As front line health care providers, NCAPIP members are aware of the health disparities so many Americans continue to face. The conference seeks to engage leaders across the nation in discussions and resolutions on how to move forward on health reform to achieve optimal health for all.

The ACA Policy Backdrop

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) provides the backdrop for this action-oriented conference, a blueprint for more patient centered care, a means to improve the system and the way we view patient health overall, and an opportunity for all of our communities to get optimal care. This is a dialog to draw out how agencies are intending to implement ACA and be sensitive to our communities.  As a community of health providers and health professionals we are well aware that now, not later, is the time to provide a collective voice to ensure meaningful implementation of this landmark bill. 

Diabetes, mental health, and the medical workforce are three specific topics that also will be brought to the forefront on May 18th-19th in Arlington.  With actionable plans set to be created by participants for each of these three topics, together we can help bridge the gap of health disparities among our communities and bring us closer to the goal of optimal health for all. 

Friday May 18th: Two Concurrent Meetings

AANHPI Diabetes Coalition Convening and Conference

The AANHPI Diabetes Coalition will convene in follow up of the September 2011 symposium entitled: “Diabetes in Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islanders: A Call to Action.”

Workforce and Leadership to Meet our Populations’ Needs

Being a physician in America is a privilege, and with it comes a responsibility to lead and assure that a medical workforce is patient centered, thus responsive to the people they serve and reflective of diverse populations. In addition this workforce must have the necessary core competency training.

In 2014,  there will be 32 million Americans newly insured through the Affordable Care Act.  How should and how will our health workforce be transformed to meet the current and future needs of our populations?  At the end of the session there will be an action plan created that addresses the need for a more patient-centered workforce.

NCAPIP 3rd Bi-Annual Conference Celebration Reception 

Saturday May 19th: Setting the Stage for Optimal Health for All

State of Health Reform: A Conversation with Federal Stakeholders

A dialog to clarify how agencies are intending to implement ACA while being sensitive to our communities. 

Optimal Partnership

A session bringing together AANHPI health serving organizations, to discuss how best to work together with NCAPIP in advancing an agenda of improved care and optimal health for our communities.

Three Action Plans on Health Reform Concurrent Sessions

Attendees will choose one of three available topics related to health reform, with the objective of designing an action plan for each:

  1. Health Insurance Reform (Health Insurance Exchanges, Medicaid and Medicare, Dual Eligibility)
  2. Care Delivery (HIT, Patient Centered Medical Homes, Accountable Care Organizations)
  3. Community and Patient Engagement (Linguistically/Culturally Appropriate Outreach and Education)

 Next Steps:  Action Plans for Optimal Health for All

Action plans on the various topics covered during the weekend conference  (diabetes, workforce, ACA, mental health, and hepatitis B) will be presented, which will be the foundation of a blueprint that NCAPIP will use along with partners to achieve the goal of optimal health for all.

Registration Fees

2 days: $150.00

1 day: $75

Students (includes both days): $50