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The Retail Management Certificate* online program that you can complete within two years while working full or part-time. It is designed to prepare students for career opportunities and upward mobility in the retail industry and is endoresed by the Western Association of Food Chains (WAFC)

*Certificate received upon completion of the full 2-year, 10 course program


Cerritos College-Economic Development
562-860-2451 ext. 2486 

Online Course Begins:

  •  March 12,  2012 

Registration Dates:

  • Enrollment is now OPEN
  • Last Day to Register: March 19, 2012


  • Jose Anaya
  • Instructor will contact you with more information after you have registered

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BA-157: Principles of Public Relation 

BA 157: Principles of Public Relations (3-units) 

This class explores the basic theories and principles of communicating information and concepts. Emphasis is on techniques and methods, with attention given to identifying audiences, using public relations tools, planning public relations programs and campaigns, promoting favorable relations with various segments of the public, and dealing with problem solving. The effective use of public information, publicity, and advertising is covered.



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