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1 Day  workshop , Saturday 28 April 2012

9am - 5pm

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Ann Bracken 
The SIMS IVF Clinic

Tel:       01-2080729


The SIMS Building 
Clonskeagh Road, Dublin 14


Integrating cognitive behavioural (CBT), relaxation and healthy lifestyle techniques to positively manage stress and promote conception.


A recent study showed that women who were the most anxious and depressed prior to their IVF treatment cycle were 93% less likely to conceive than the least distressed women. Other research (Skillman, NJ, 2009), has shown that women who participated in a stress management programme prior to or during  IVF treatment had a 52% greater pregnancy rate than women who did not participate in the programme.

The pioneer of the Mind/Body Programme, Dr. Alice Domar PhD, of Harvard's Mind/Body Institute in Boston explains:

"This study shows that stress management may improve pregnancy rates, minimising the stress of management itself, improving the success rates of IVF procedures and ultimately, helping to alleviate the emotional burden for women who are facing challenges trying to conceive."

The SIMS IVF Integrative Mind/Body programme benefits those who wish to reduce stress and increase well-being, before or during the treatment. 

Couples and individuals are invited to attend  a 1 day workshop on Saturday , 28 April 2012.

COST:     €150 per person

Places limited, please book early.


What people say about the Mind/Body Programme

“Excellent, I felt the whole day was relevant. It was very practical, relaxed and taught me so much about how to manage what I’m going through better. Very useful indeed.”

“I found the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Mindfulness relaxation very useful for me. Finally, I have a way of understanding my thoughts and more importantly how to change them to more supportive ones about infertility issues, myself and my relationship”

“…exceeded my expectations. I found the dietary and acupuncture information really helpful and will be making positive changes from today. Thank you!”

“Very good, informative and enjoyable.”

Why do the SIMS Integrative Mind/Body Programme?
  • To understand the relationship between stress and infertility
  • To establish self-supportive thinking styles with Cognitive Behaviourial Therapy (CBT)
  • To integrate Mindfulness based relaxation techniques
  • To receive Nutritional Support for male & female fertility
  • To decrease any symptoms of stress, anxiety, low-mood and fatigue
  • To increase your understanding of the role of nutrition in establishing optimal
    conditions for conception and implantation
  • To support your physical health with Medical Acupuncture and Restorative gentle exercise
  • To enable you to reclaim your sense of self-confidence and feel empowered in the
    treatment process
  • To learn effective coping skills
  • To give dedicated space and time to nurture and enhance your relationship. 
The Mind / Body programme is open to individuals and couples.