"With the training staff members and managers received on how to use our Insights profiles to strengthen relationships and team dynamics, the benefits quickly became evident in the positive energy that has infused team and group interactions across the organization.”

– Dr. Sandra Treadway, Librarian of Virginia
The Library of Virginia


December 6, 2012 ~ 8:30AM to 4:30PM

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$149 per person
$109 per person (member of the Greater Richmond Chamber of Commerce)
$49 per person (if you've attended a past Insights session and already have a profile)

Includes morning refreshments and an individual 30-page personality profile


Tina Pearlman 
Floricane, LLC 


The Richmond Times-Dispatch Building 
300 East Franklin Street
(free parking in the RTD deck at 3rd and Franklin)
Richmond, VA 23219

Driving Directions 

Change Starts with Self-Awareness

Do you want to improve your effectiveness at work, strengthen your team or build a healthier organization? Try this brief exercise:

Grab a pen and a sheet of paper. Take five minutes and write down all of the things
that you think need to change at work. Now look at your list. Did you write "me" anywhere?

It's easy to forget that the only thing we can control is ourselves -- our words, our attitudes, our interactions. Self-awareness can help us manage ourselves more effectively. And the higher our self-awareness, the more effective our influencing skills will be.

It all starts with you.

Wherever you go, there you are. That old adage rings true because it is. Self-awareness is the cornerstone of strong working relationships and effective leadership, and this workshop is guaranteed to open your eyes to the way others experience you at work.

The Greater Richmond Chamber (GRC), Floricane and Insights Discovery® are partnering to offer GRC members a significant discount on our favorite self-development tool. Insights Discovery is an in-depth personality profile built around a simple eight color model to help individuals increase their self-awareness, and strengthen their ability to create and lead change.

Whether your company is a GRC member or not, make plans now to attend our popular Insights Discovery® for Self-Effectiveness workshop. This one-day workshop is affordable and focused. As a participant, you will receive a 30-page Insights Discovery personal profile (click below to see a sample PDF profile), gain an increased perspective of your interactions, and leave with a deeper appreciation of the value of self-awareness.

Participants in this one-day workshop will receive an individual Insights Discovery® personal profile, a 30-page narrative summary of their personality strengths and weaknesses.

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