Tina Pearlman



American Civil War Center

at Historic Tredegar

@ 500 Tredgar Street,

Richmond, VA  23219

5:30PM TO 8:00PM

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In partnership with the i.e.* initiative, the American Civil War Center at Historic Tredegar, the Library of Virginia, the Valentine Richmond History Center, Fraser Design Associates and Floricane present: RIC/RVA - 400 years of Revolution, Innovation, and Change in #RVA.

Presented in four separate events, beginning March 14th, RIC/RVA will introduce participants to a whole new way of looking at Richmond; past, present, and future. From the River City's earliest drug lords to a celebration of our current creative renaissance, this event series will be part education, part creative engagement, and 100% entertaining!

R V A   B - R O L L

 Who needs an award winning film when you have Richmond's long history of tourism videos! Come along for the ride on April 11th at the the American Civil War Center at Historic Tredegar for an historically entertaining evening. Grab yourself some popcorn and get ready to be delighted by a montage of tourism films that have been driving folks to Richmond for 70 years. Some of these things are so bad they're good! Then, let's chat about the story that isn't being told about Richmond, and let’s put our heads together to re-tell it. We'll mock up the storyboard for a future travel guide while you give us the content. End the evening by chatting about our new story, and get ready to personally have a hand in the new tale. This event is free of charge, with wine and snacks available. 

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               Forest HIll amusement park photo courtesy of Valentine Richmond History Center.                                 Above photo courtesy of the American Civil War Center at Historic Tredegar.                  idebar photos courtesy of the Library of Virginia.