Bryn Mota 
CWRU Employee Wellness 


Friday, March 23rd, 2012


BRB 932 (9th floor, Medical School) 

*Note the room change*



March 23rd Health Seminar: Colorectal Cancer Awareness 

Colorectal Cancer AwarenessColon cancer is cancer of the large intestine (colon) and Rectal cancer is cancer of the last several inches of the colon. Together, they are referred to as colorectal cancers and are the third most common type of cancer for men and women. 

Colorectal cancer is preventable, is easy to treat and often curable when detected early.  In most cases, colorectal cancer begins as small, noncancerous polyps. Over time, these can become cancers. 

Join UHHS's Dr. Gregory Cooper for this important discussion.  We will receive an overall view of risk factors for colon polyps and cancer, and the different screening options.

For more information, visit Netwellness and the Mayo Clinic and the Fight Colorectal Cancer sites!