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David Kaplan 
New Frontier USY 
(408) 892-2732 


Sunday April 29, 2012 from 11:45 AM to 4:30 PM PDT

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California's Great America 
4701 Great America Parkway
Santa Clara, CA 95054

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Come join New Frontier Kadima at
California's Great America! 

Great America

Come for a day of adventure and meet other Kadimaniks from around Northern California!

Cost: $40 per person or $21 for season ticket holders (includes lunch and ticket into park) due into the regional office by April 20

*If you have a member with a season pass, they must still fill out all necessary paperwork. Please make a note next to their name on the chapter registration form that they have a pass.

The program will be staffed by Kadima approved staff & supervision.

Don’t forget that all chapters need a staff ratio of 1 staff member for every 10 Kadimaniks.

For more information, please contact the Regional Office at (408) 892-2732 or at


Cost does not include transportation to or from Great America.
Please contact your local advisor for details.

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 E-mail Regional Youth Director, David Kaplan:


One month prior to event = full refund; 21 days = 50%; 14 days = 0%. These are strict cancellation dates due to contractual guarantees we must give to the hotel and service providers. Cancellation must be made in writing to the Regional Youth Director.



 THIS CONSENT, AUTHORIZATION AND RELEASE (“Consent”) is provided to the NEW FRONTIER REGION OF UNITED SYNAGOGUE YOUTH, a department of the NORTHERN PACIFIC REGION of United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, headquarters in Portland, Oregon, (“USY”) in connection with this convention.

  The Minor has my consent to attend and to participate in the Scheduled Activity.  There are no limitations or restrictions of any kind whatsoever on such participation unless the Regional Director has been notified in writing prior to the event start date.

  The Minor has been instructed and understands and agrees to comply with all rules, regulations and Code of Conduct established by USY and the official instructions and directives of all authorized staff members, volunteers, agents and employees (“Personnel”) of USY.

  New Frontier Region personnel are expressly authorized to engage appropriate health care providers to administer, prescribe and/or direct the administration of any medication, other medical treatment, care, surgery, hospitalization or medical procedures and services deemed appropriate under the circumstances.  If it is not possible to timely contact New Frontier Region personnel for instructions, authorization is granted to act as the authorized agent and at the sole cost and expense of the Parent /Guardian.  There are no exceptions or limitations, or other special instructions, in connection with the foregoing, unless the Regional Director has been notified in writing prior to the event start date.

  Unless specific instructions or directions have been provided in writing to the Regional Director prior to the event start date, it is assumed that the Minor has no medical disabilities, allergies, or other limitations of any kind whatsoever that might in any way limit participation in the scheduled activity.

  The Parent / Guardian expressly releases and agrees to indemnify and hold USY (and its Personnel) free and harmless from any and all liability, charges, claims, costs, and expenses of every kind and nature whatsoever, including reasonable attorney fees, in connection with the acceptance and participation of the Minor in the Scheduled Activity.  The foregoing Release is without reservation of any kind except only for such acts or omissions on the part of New Frontier USY that arises out of intentional or negligent wrongdoing and without fault of any kind on the part of the Minor or on the Parent's / Guardian's part in failing to disclose pertinent information to New Frontier USY.

  The Parent / Guardian represents to New Frontier USY the sole, full and legal power and right to execute this Consent, and that New Frontier USY will rely on these representations.

  If more than one person signs this Consent, all references of the singular shall include the plural, jointly and severally.

  The Parent / Guardian has been made aware of the fact that the events in which the Minor is participating may be photographed by either amateur or professional photographers, which the photographs taken may be used both for purposes of reporting on the event or for such other use as the USY organization may determine. The Parent / Guardian has no objection to the pictures taken being used at any time for promotional use. It is the Parent's / Guardian's understanding that by signing this document, consent is granted to the use of the pictures just referred to for any purpose whatsoever.


  1. No one may leave the program at any time unless the Regional Director gives permission to do so.
  2. The event schedule is to be followed at all times.  All participants must attend and participate in all programs.
  3. No one who is not registered for the event will be allowed on camp/hotel grounds to visit with event participants.
  4. Cost of all damage to hotel rooms/camp cabins or hotel/camp facilities will be the responsibility of the occupant.
  5. Tobacco, alcohol, illegal drugs or other illegal activities will not be tolerated.  Use, possession, or being under the influence of illegal drugs, or association with any other illegal activities will result in being sent home AND suspension from Regional and International program and events for a period of one year.
  6. Kashrut is to be observed throughout the event, including free time.
  7. Shabbat is to be observed according to the standards of the Conservative Movement.
  8. Any prescribed medication must be registered with the Regional Director at the start of the event.
  9. No USYer may participate in the event unless all medical forms and registration forms are completed and on file.
  10. No females are permitted in a male’s room or males in a female’s room.  There are no exceptions.
  11. It is understood that the entire program is under the strict supervision of the Regional Director of New Frontier USY and authorized representatives.
  12. USYers are not permitted to drive themselves or other USYers to regional events.

USY is proud of its reputation.  It is expected that all participants realize that they are functioning as emissaries of USY, the Conservative Movement and Judaism.  Any behavior, which reveals a lack of respect for the USY environment or the event program, will be considered as a violation of the Code of Conduct.  Participants will show respect for the site, themselves, each other, and other’s belongings.  Any USYer breaking the above rules and codes will be subject to disciplinary action, including being sent home immediately at his/her own expense, forfeiting the registration for the program, including all moneys paid.