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Jackie Foskett
Healing Hypnotherapy


Wednesday April 25, 2012 from 5:00 PM to 6:15 PM PDT

8:00 PM to 9:15 PM EDT

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Stress Relief in Tough Financial Times:

3 Steps to Peace of Mind

A Free Teleseminar

Feeling anxious about your current financial situation and/or the current state of the economy?

Are you finding yourself consistently worrying about your financial future? 

Is financial stress causing stress in your primary relationships?

If you answered yes to any of the above:

You are not alone.

Even as the economy shows signs of improving, financial stress is still a major issue for so many people.

Newspaper articles and news reports buzz with stories of how financial stress is hurting  people in a variety of ways.

That's why you need to join me on this informative and experiential no cost teleseminar on:

Wednesday, April 25th at 5 pm Pacific; 8 pm Eastern.  

Learn how you can stop the damaging stress and gain peace of mind.

I recently read a survey conducted by Financial Finesse, Inc. which showed a whopping 65% of employees reported experiencing some financial stress in their lives.

I would say that's a high percentage of people feeling stressed out about their finances, wouldn't you? Additionally, women seem to suffer even higher rates of financial stress than men.

To make matters worse, financial stress, directly or indirectly, causes an estimated 60% of illnesses!

Don't allow this to be you!  Find out how you can have financial peace of mind by reserving your seat in this free teleseminar.

Click on the Register Now button below or to the side to access your place now.

The American Psychological Association has identified financial stress as the leading cause of unhealthy behaviors such as overeating, smoking, alcohol abuse and even drug addiction.

It's a given, stress hurts and financial stress piles on an extra dose of stressful thoughts and thus stressful feelings.

Rather than getting into the politics of what's wrong with the culture, the government and of course the economy, there are other ways to get the peace of mind you desire.

Here's what you'll learn on this teleseminar:

  • One of the biggest mistakes most people make that causes more financial stress.
  • How you can turn around the downward spiral of financial stress that has been impacting all areas of your life.
  • 3 Action steps you can take to immediately feel the peace of mind you desire.

Additionally, when you sign up for this free stress-free teleseminar, you will experience a short guided process designed to engage your powerful inner mind.  When you engage your powerful inner mind, you naturally excelerate your success to having more health, wellness and peace of mind in all areas of your life.

What are you waiting for?  You've got nothing to lose, but those stressful thoughts and feelings.  So, grab your spot now and be ready for a brighter and  stress relief financial future!

I'm so looking forward to "seeing" you on the call!

If you can't make it to the live call,  no worries, it will be recorded.  As long as you register, you will receive the recording. 

But I encourage you, if  possible, be present on the live call, as it's fun, engaging and I'd love to have you there playing along and receiving that peace of mind right then and there! 

To your peace of mind,


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