Ezra Klein - Dinner Chairman 
Knesses Bais Avigdor 


Wednesday May 23, 2012 from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM EDT

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Tiferes Mordechai Hall 
600 McDonald Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11218

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5772/2012 Knesses Bais Avigdor Annual Dinner 

Knesses Bais Avigdor, after only four years in our new building at  Avenue J and East 18th Street in Flatbush, Brooklyn, has become a major Torah center for the entire community. We are providing a beautiful and inspiring makom Torah uTefillah. Our Bais Medrash with its multitude of seforim, is open to one and all, young and old, from early in the morning to very late at night.

We have, besiyata dishmaya, tremendous appeal to all ages and every level of learning. The famous Agra dPirka Morning Kollel fills the Bais Medrash from after Shacharis to past noon. Our bein hazmanim sessions attract talmidim from all over the city. Indeed, the shul is a sight to behold every night and on Shabbos too. The list is long: Agra dPirka, Avos Ubonim, Shnayim Mikra, Zecher Siach Yitzchok limud Mishnayos, Amud Yomi, Daf Yomi, and the shiurim in Halacha, in Mussar, in Iyun, in Tanach, in Mishna Brurah.... In fact, one of our honorees, Dr,. Meir Olanoff, gives a daily shiur. Knesses Bais Avigdor has become a veritable fortress of Torah and Yir'as Shamayim.

This makom kadosh deserves your support. We ask that you give us that support. We ask you to come and join us. Ta'amu ure'u ki tov. See for yourselves. You will not want to leave.

Please join us for our annual dinner. Your participation and support makes you a partner in the torah and tefilla of our congregation.


Ad rates are:

  • Benefactors Page: $5,000
  • Founders Page: $2,500
  • Diamond Page: $1,800
  • Gold Page: $1,000
  • Silver Page: $500
  • Full Page: $360
  • Half Page: $250
  • Quarter Page: $150
  • Greeting: $72

Note: Half Page and above entitles you to two dinner reservations