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Sunday, Nov 11th, 2012

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The Holiday Inn is at Exit 28, Rte. 495, about 45 minutes west of Boston, and within convenient driving distance of New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.

Best of all, it is a dog-friendly hotel!  We can welcome a limited number of friendly, well-mannered dogs at both days of the conference.


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The inspiration for this conference is my dear, sweet Springer Spaniel, Tish, who left me too soon on May 15th, 2012.

We spent 14 wonderful years together, and, like so many of you, I had wished for many more.  

What I wish for you is that your experiences here will lead to a longer, happier, and more enriched life for you and your beloved animal companions.  That precious gift is what is being offered by each of these presenters.  

You'll want to share in it, too.


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Kathleen Prasad Introductory Video

KathleenPrasadYouTubeHorseHere is a taste of what you will experience during Kathleen Prasad's presentations.  Click on her photo or on this link.

Ginger Krantz Introductory Video

GingerKrantzYouTubeHere is a taste of what you can expect from Ginger Krantz's conference presentation on Healing Horses.  Click on her photo or on this link.

Denise Bean-Raymond Introductory Video

DeniseBeanRaymondYouTubeDenise Bean-Raymond demonstrates how she works and discusses the benefits of equine massage.  Click on her photo or on this link.

     GoldenRetrieverhandsOur animals are so precious to us. But they often leave us too soon. What if we could preserve their health and wellness for years longer. We can, and at The Conference on Complementary Animal Healing, you'll learn how.

For two amazing days, The Conference on Complementary Animal Healing will bring together a animal lovers, caretakers and healers to discover how Essential Oils, Hands-On Energy Healing, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Craniosacral, Homeopathy, and Vibrational Healing Techniques can alleviate our animals' physical and emotional pain and restore their health and vitality.

You'll learn how to create balance where there is stress, and how to redefine your interactions with your animals so that where there was struggle, there is ease. You'll be empowered to create a better life for you and your animals, armed with tools to replace helplessness with hope.

 You'll hear and experience the ways in which not only animals, but their human companions, too, can be deeply affected and changed by the skilled interactions of practitioners who are devoted to creating peace and harmony in each being they touch. You'll discover how their gentle, but powerful techniques can profoundly transform the way in which you think about your animal's health, giving you options and alternatives you may never have imagined possible.  

Whether you're an animal wellness practitioner who wants to deepen your skills, a professional animal trainer or caretaker, or a person who wants to enhance your relationships with your creature companions and promote their well-being, this conference has something for you.

In addition to a wealth of experience, you'll receive a complimentary flower essence, and other goodies.  You can see the full Conference agenda here.


Sunday, November 11

Kathleen Prasad

      Honoring the Wisdom of Dogs and Cats

  How the Reiki precepts of humility, honesty, compassion, and lack of worry and anger can enhance our relationships with our animals and help us to deepen our energetic connection with them. Kathleen will lead a group meditation and discuss how to open to the spiritual gifts dogs and cats bring to our lives. She will describe what to expect in a "typical" treatment, and explain how gentleness and a nondominant approach bring the best results.

  Practicing Peace with Your Animals

 We may begin with a desire to help our animals heal, but discover unexpectedly that we also are healed by our animals!  Kathleen will discuss how sharing an energetic connection with animals can help bring us more fully into the present, share tips for reconnecting with our inner reservoir of strength and peace, and teach healing meditations that anyone can use to deepen their connection with their animals.   


Sunday, November 11

      Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy is a light touch manual therapy that addresses restrictions in the central nervous system, thereby effecting changes throughout an animal's body, mind, emotions, and spirit.  Craniosacral therapy engages an animal's own self-healing mechanisms to alleviate pain, stress, injury, or disease, as well as bring about optimal wellness.  This work can enhance the quality of life of senior animals, as well as bring about improved surgical results and help with training issues for dogs and horses.

  Vibrational Healing

Our animals' physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies also vibrate to frequencies.  Used in healing, the frequencies of tuning forks can affect the frequencies in an animal's body, altering the body's biochemistry and promoting health. Sally will discuss how she uses vibrational healing to bring an animal into harmonic balance, enhancing relaxation and well-being.


Sunday, November 11

      Essential Oils for Dogs and Cats

Discover the benefits of therapeutic grade essential oils and how they can be used to improve the physical and emotional well-being of our cats and dogs.  You'll learn about recommended safety precautions, particularly with cats, and how to best use and apply essential oils.  Nan will identify which oils are best used for some of the most common physical and emotional concerns, including separation anxiety, trauma from former homes, fleas and ticks, and digestive issues.  Nan will also discuss how to select oils and will give a live demonstration on how to apply them.



Sunday, November 11

                                Shirley Moore

      Using Homeopathy to Heal Your Dog's Body                 and Spirit

Shirley Moore's compassion and adherence to holistic care and homeopathy have saved the lives of thousands of dogs destined for euthanasia through the efforts of Save A Dog, the humane society she founded in 1999. A professionally trained homeopath, Shirley has used this gentle method to treat everything from minor ailments such as bee stings, ringworm, upper respiratory ailments, and diarrhea, to major illnesses such as Parvo. She has also used homeopathy to successfully treat emotional issues such as aggression and separation anxiety in dogs. You'll learn how you can incorporate homeopathy into your holistic toolkit, too.


Monday, November 12

Kathleen Prasad

      Reiki for Horses

Kathleen will lead a group meditation and discuss the Spirit of the Horse, and what horses bring to our lives; the unique quality that exists in a horse/human Reiki relationship; issues that Reiki can assist in healing; what to expect in a "typical" treatment, and the keys to success in treatment.


Monday, November 12

      Healing the Horse through the Integration of    Mind, Body and Spirit

Ginger will speak about the hands-on application of energy healing, and how this powerful form of therapy helps horses to recover from a variety of physical conditions, including laminitis, colic, chronic pain, structural misalignments, lameness, wasting, and poor digestion.

She will also share stories of how energy healing assists horses to overcome behavioral and mental issues such as head shyness, resistance to training, aversion to touch, kicking out, extreme fear, and depression.  Ginger will discuss the importance of addressing the spirit of the horse, and how she has been able to lead horses out from beneath the shadows of their traumatic past to trust and enjoy life, once again.


Monday, November 12

Denise Bean-Raymond

      The Power of Touch: Healing Horses Holistically

Have you exhausted traditional means of care and feel hopeless? Maybe you are looking for something that could prove to be more cost-effective than what you are currently doing for your horse? 

Denise will discuss why equine acupressure therapy may be just what you and your horse need, and will explain the difference between acupressure and acupuncture; what conditions acupressure can help; how acupressure works; what the benefits are; what you should look for when you choose a therapist; what you should expect from a session; how many sessions your horse will need; and how you can use acupressure in conjunction with other therapies for your horse.


Monday, November 12

      Essential Oils for Horses

Discover how therapeutic grade essential oils can be used to enhance training and improve the well-being of our horses. Nan will discuss the difference between therapeutic, food, and pure grade oils, the risks of using fragrant grade oils, and the various applications. She will also talk about the best oils to have at the barn for emotional and physical issues, including anxiety/stress, trauma from past experiences, colic, cancer/tumors, and muscle and joint issues. Nan will also offer tips as to how to select the right oils for your horse's situation.


Monday, November 12

      An Integrative Approach to Animal Healing

Dr. Caviness will talk about how he uses complementary therapies in his small animal veterinary practice, to address or assuage conditions for which conventional medicine alone may not have all the answers. He will discuss his unique approach to treating animals as individual beings with distinct personalities, and how he considers each one's character and capabilities in prescribing the most appropriate treatments and therapies.  

Dr. Caviness has a history of success in using acupuncture, chiropractic, and other therapies in the treatment of conditions such as arthritis, epilepsy, neurologic deficits, metabolic diseases, thoracolumbar and cervical disk disease, asthma, and tendonitis and muscular pains.