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Friday, September 7, 2012 
Sunday, September 9, 2012

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Painted Hands

Schedule and Fees

Sessions will run from 9 AM to 9 PM Friday, September 7 and Saturday, September 8. Sessions on Sunday, September 9 will run from 9 AM to 2 PM.

The $625 fee covers tuition, overnight dormitory style accommodations Friday and Saturday nights, and meals from lunch Friday through lunch Sunday.  

The $450 commuter rate covers dinner September 7 and 8, but commuters are asked to bring their own lunches.  

Limited full and partial scholarships are available by application.

Tax-deductible scholarship donations help us to make this program accessible to individuals and families who can most benefit from it. 


Ben Lomond Quaker Center

 1000 Hubbard Gulch Rd, Ben Lomond, CA 


Driving Directions


Michele Robbins
(831) 465-1081

Find out more about Ocean and Michele Robbins' journey with autism and miracles by clicking here.


Teaching Through Play:

Son-Rise Program® Principles

For parents, volunteers, caregivers, and practitioners working for breakthroughs with autism

Follow your child’s lead to create a solid foundation for interaction.

  • Gain an understanding of why your child needs time to be exclusive and repetitious (e.g. running in circles, repeating stories over and over, rocking in place, lining up objects, asking repetitious questions, etc.)
  • Honor your child’s exclusive time - to give your child room to connect more fully when he/she is ready
  • Join your child’s exclusive world  - do what your child is doing as a way to create a foundation for more connection and more interaction

Celebrate connection to create more open doors for interactive play.

  • Recognize your child’s cues that indicate he/she is ready to play
  • Learn how to celebrate these open doors for interaction 
  • Learn how to help your child want more interaction with you

Identify your child’s motivations to create a fun, play-based curriculum.

  • Learn to use your own creativity to create fun, motivating activities
  • Help your child be motivated to learn from you
  • Find out how to teach through play so that your child learns in context, and will therefore be able to generalize skills to other social environments

Learn to inspire your child’s growth in all areas of social development.

  • Make learning fun for your child - so that he/she is motivated to learn.
  • Allow it to be possible for all of your dreams for your child to come true.

Use the Son-Rise Program Developmental Model to identify your child’s specific goals.

  • Evaluate your child’s current abilities to understand where you’re beginning your journey.
  • Choose goals specific to your child to ensure a clear focus for future development.
  • Map your child’s forward progress as an ongoing evaluation tool in your program.

Learn in-depth techniques to help your child with verbal communication.

  • If your child is not yet verbal, help your child begin to use sounds and words.
  • If your child is already speaking, help him/her develop longer sentences.
  • Learn how to teach your child to have conversations and ask/answer questions.
  • Motivate your child to be excited to communicate with you.

Help your child move beyond tantrums, hitting, kicking, biting, etc.

  • Learn powerful techniques to help your child communicate more effectively.
  • Navigate challenging behaviors more calmly and easily.

Expand your creativity to create a fun, motivating curriculum for your child’s program.

  • Learn to identify your child’s main motivations.
  • Develop your own creativity to create fun, motivating activities for your child.
  • Take home a variety of game ideas to use with your child.

Get your questions answered!

  • The workshop offers several times for you to ask questions specific to your child.

Watch the techniques in action through video presentations.

  • Video presentations will be included in the workshop to demonstrate the techniques.

Build community with others in the journey

  • Build connection with other families and caregivers who are bringing The Son-Rise Program approach to their work with autism -- and gain support and allies for the journey.

Carolina Kaiser, Son-Rise Program® Senior Teacher / Autism Consultant

Teaching The Son-Rise Program to families of children with special needs for ten years, Carolina helps parents empower themselves to run home-based programs for their children. Her work is based in the belief that recovery is possible for our children and that parents are an essential resource in the journey to recovery. Carolina will tell you that she has the best job on the planet: "Every day, I get to see children develop beyond any limiting expectations ever placed on them." Carolina trained at The Autism Treatment Center of AmericaTM  and is now in private practice supporting families around the world through individualized in-home outreach and group training courses.