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Paula Holland De Long 
What's Next For My Life, Inc. 


Meets once a week for 8 consecutive weeks

Option 1: Tuesdays

Sept 18 thru Nov 6, 2012

Noon to 1:30 PM CST / 1 EST / 9 PST


Option 2: Wednesdays

Sept 19 thru Nov 7, 2012

7 PM to 8:30 PM CST / 8 EST / 5 PST











Course Outline:

Week 1: My Choices for My Future: Discover what will REALLY make the rest of your life the best of your life. Hint: It’s not what society or anyone else thinks it should be.

Week 2: If I Can Do Cancer I Can Do Anything: Seriously. I will teach you how you can transform the challenges of cancer into motivation and empowerment in any area of life.

Week 3: My Awakened Heart Action Plan: You’ll use your new tools to create a resonant, thrilling plan of action that maximizes your gifts and talents.

Week 4: Forget the Should-a, Would-a, Could-A’s: Say goodbye to self-doubt and recrimination. Manage the ever active inner critic, overcome procrastination paralysis and create buy-in from the people in your life.

Week 5: Building Your Muscles of Choice and Change: Practice makes more than perfect, it makes empowerment and commitment. By now you’ll be intimately familiar with that “Yes, I DID IT!” feeling of being in action.

Week 6: Exploring the Winding Road: Assess and Adjust: Life doesn’t go from A to Z in a straight line. Become an expert at using your mind, body, and spirit to assess, adjust, and celebrate your progress.

Week 7: Living What Matters Most in Action with Your Tools: We’ll explore your future and put the finishing touches on your personal tools and create a support plan to ensure your success continues after the group ends.

Week 8: Deepen Your Commitment and Celebrate!: You’ll be amazed when we look back and compare where we started and how far we’ve come together. This celebration will cement your commitment and ensure you are successful living what matters most to you, no matter what that may be.


Live What Matters Now! Telecourse

Learn to overcome any life challenge in just 8 weeks.

Intimate Group Exclusively for Cancer Survivors

Frustrated by the lack of real world emotional and practical support for cancer patients when treatment ends, 15-year breast cancer survivor Paula Holland De Long ACC, CPCC,  developed this life coaching telecourse for cancer survivors who are ready to leave the chaos of cancer behind, explore what’s possible, and bring more of what matters most into every single day of their lives.

Isolation, anxiety, and fear will disappear in this safe, loving circle of new friends (who’ve been through breast cancer too). Expect to gain clarity, set specific goals, and move into action in any area of your life. Plus, support yourself and each other through shared wisdom, advice, insight, and resources, all for the very reasonable investment of only $370.

Each Exclusive Group is Limited to Six Survivors.

Past participants have taken back control of their lives by changing careers; breathing new life into their relationships; sustaining lifestyle changes like losing weight; overcoming depression and fear; and report huge improvements in their quality of life.

We’ll meet together once a week, for 8 consecutive weeks, for 1 ½ hours via telephone, giving you the privacy and convenience to participate from anywhere. Varied dates and times are available. All calls are recorded so you can access them if you miss one.

Your participation and anything you share are absolutely and totally confidential.

Special Introductory Pricing Offer of $370 (Thru 9/16/12) 

Why do this in a group rather than on your own? Being part of a group increases your odds of success by over 60% for any life goal you choose. Sharing each other’s wisdom, expertise, successes, and challenges will immediately jump start your confidence and shared accountability will build your motivation and keep you moving forward.  

Here’s What You Get in the Live What Matters Now! Course:

Professional Survivor Life Coach Paula Holland De Long ACC, CPCC will guide you through What’s Next For My Life’s proven step-by-step life coaching process. You’ll create a solid foundation of what matters most for your future, and become skilled in simple, easy success tools you’ll use for the rest of your life. Your investment includes:

1. Pre-Course Assessment and Discovery Consultation brings you even more clarity about your life before the course even starts.

  • In our Life Balance Assessment you’ll answer a series of powerful questions designed to create clarity about where you want to focus your attention during the course.
  • Then we’ll discuss your personal situation and goals during a private 15-minute telephone conversation, ensuring that the course is perfectly geared to your specific needs.

2. Our small, intimate group of six will come together weekly during (8) 1 ½ hour Telecalls, one per week for 8 consecutive weeks. All calls are recorded so you continue your progress even if you must miss one.  PLUS you will have the audios of the entire course to use and refer to in the future.

3. You’ll stay motivated and share your day-to-day successes and challenges with your FREE membership in our private online Accountability Tracking & Support Group. To support your growth between our sessions you’ll also receive Learning Guides, your Personal Accountability Checklist and audio recordings of the group sessions.

Bonus 1: FREE EBOOK PDF –my What’s Next After Cancer Treatment Ends? LifeBook

Bonus 2: 25% Discount on Optional one-on-one coaching during and up to six months after participation

By joining the group now, you’ll be able to take advantage our Special Introductory Pricing Offer, and receive the Free What’s Next After Cancer Treatment Ends? LifeBook PDF file immediately.  

Here’s What Past Participants Say When Asked, “What did you like most about the course?” “All the things I learned about the emotions of having and surviving cancer, and the friendships from the group.” Listing our values and really going inside ourselves to how we can make our values work better for us.” “Learning more skills to deal with my fears and move forward.” “The discussion of values and desire vs. action.” “Being taught about the little voices in my head and how they can be stopped.” “Learning about internal resistance and how to overcome it.” “Hearing the stories told by others and believing I can do it too.”

 Special Introductory Pricing Offer of $370

 You can pay the full course fee in advance, or take advantage of our payment plan option. (2 payments of $195 each, one at registration and one at midpoint of course)

  Yes, Paula, I want to join this group so I can leave the chaos of cancer behind and start making the most of my life. I understand that for this low investment I’ll receive expert guidance from someone who’s been through cancer too, gain a whole new circle of friends, and most importantly, take back control of my life. I also understand that I will have receive digital or audio files of all course materials, and will receive the What’s Next After Cancer Treatment Ends? LifeBook immediately.

 Paula, I’ve got too many other responsibilities to take this course, and I need my money for other things.  What can I do?

I applaud your love, consideration, and compassion for those who depend on you. I challenge you to consider what you all might gain by making your self-care a priority? And what you risk if you don’t? By investing in your own happiness and health you will reduce your risk of recurrence, increase your energy and enthusiasm, experience less stress and anxiety, and feel more motivation and confidence. What impact could this have on your life, and those who share it?