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Friday September 21, 2012 at 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM EDT
Saturday September 22, 2012 at 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM EDT

Registration begins at 8:30 AM

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Public Speaking Boot Camp -

Connecting with Others Offline! 

Remember those high school oral presentations? Standing in front of those 25 or so fellow students, knowing you'd rather be anywhere else in the world?

Practicing at the bathroom or bedroom mirror (and hearing your little brother snickering outside the door)? Lying awake the night before just knowing you would appear anxious, forget the words, forget to look up. Certain Mrs. Crabapple was going to fail you before you even started and Meany-Sweeney, the class bully, would make fun of you afterwards?   

Rather not remember? But then you do! As soon as someone asks, "Can you handle this meeting for me?" or "We'd love to have you tell our group about your experiences.", those same feelings start to creep up on you, especially as the date approaches.

You are confident in all other areas of business expertise, but when called upon to speak in front of others...well, you just cringe!   


The last few years we have all been keeping up with all the new ways to be in touch with clients, customers, friends and relatives through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email, instant messaging and more.

We are all certainly in touch and very social when it comes to our online communication, but how comfortable are you taking your message in person to audiences in the public speaking arena?

I'm talking at the office, at school board meetings, community meetings, direct sales, or being the expert on a subject and being asked to be the keynote speaker at a conference.

Being live and in person is still the very best way to connect with people, conduct business and maintain relationships. Knowing how to do this with ease and confidence is a skill that can be enhanced or achieved with focused training techniques, practice and feedback.

No more sweaty palms and racing heart!

For years, I too remembered those high school days, and would spend days worrying about my presentation and how I would be able to convey my important message to others.

With coaching, focused training, practice and speaking engagement experiences, I have developed the skills and tools that have helped me to confidently conduct training and coaching sessions nationwide, to be at ease in seilling situations as well as be a keynote speaker at several conferences in the past few years.

"Isn't this something you either have or you don't? Being a good, engaging speaker - isn't that a natural trait?"

For some, it is; but for most, it's not. However, as I learned, having a few special tools in your back pocket will have you talking to your audience with little effort and a lot of poise.

I want to share these tools with you in a focused, intense, 3-hour

Public Speaking Boot Camp!

Join me in September (see dates below) for a morning of Public Speaking Boot Camp! During this half-day session you will learn how to:

1.  Deliver with confidence and ease in ALL situations

  • In front of a group of employees
  • At board meetings for work or non-profit work
  • One-on-one sessions with staff
  • Selling your product, your idea, yourself

2.  Prepare for presentations and meetings

  • Knowing your subject
  • Use of audio/visual
  • Practice, practice, practice

3.  Understand your audience

  •  Information you can gain ahead of time
  • Interactive activities

Speaking to or in front of others does not need to cause you undue anxiety and tension, nor do you need to feel that your message is not going to be heard.

This informative, interactive session will include information on how to:

  • Overcome challenging and difficult speaking situations such as board reviews or employee evaluations (whether you are on the giving OR receiving side)
  • Prepare for questions and answers in a personal, large or small group setting
  • Deliver your information in language your audience will understand (spoken and body language!)
  • Engage your audience so that your message is heard

I believe this skill is SO important to business people today that I've made it more convenient for you by clearning my calendar to give you a choice of two sessions. So join me:

Friday, September 21st


Saturday, September 22nd

at the


120 N. Pottstown Pike

(Use 116 N. Pottstown Pike for GPS purposes!)

Exton, PA 19341

610.524.9000 ph

It's time for you to put memories of Mrs. Crabapple and Meany-Sweeney to rest and become the presenter and speaker you were always meant to be!


P.S. Don't hesitate! In 3 hours time you will learn how to overcome your fear of speaking!

P.S.S. And you will find out how your speaking presentation can be video taped and critiqued!