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Pictured above is "Dori", a juvenile green marine turtle who was satellite tagged in 2011 by the Friends of the GTM Reserve and its partners all involved in the Northeast Florida Turtle Tracking Project.


Carly Swatek

GTM NERR Volunteer Coordinator



Friends of the GTM Reserve 


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Adopt a Nest 

Sea turtles have been using our beaches as nesting grounds since the era of the dinosaurs. Today, these gentle creatures are facing the same fate as the dinosaurs; extinction.

The GTM Research Reserve Sea Turtle Patrol Program is a volunteer-based effort to monitor and evaluate sea turtle nests on the Reserve’s beach. The volunteers educate many people each year through direct contact on the beach and through lecture presentations.

Your support will enable these volunteers to increase awareness and continue their outreach and educational efforts.

Through our outreach and education pro-grams, we hope to have a long-lasting and meaningful impact on the sea turtle nesting population by:

1. Reducing the disturbance and harassment of nesting sea turtles by educating the public about the hazards of night time beach activities and the importance of responsible beachfront lighting.

2. Increasing the hatchling survival rate by educating the public of the dangers associated with beach obstructions on the beach and human intervention.

3. Aiding injured sea turtles and returning them to their natural habitat.

To Adopt a Nest today use this link 

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Level one $50 -

  • Free Membership to the Friends of the GTM Reserve
  • Mid/End of Season Updates on Nesting Activity at GTM NERR


Level two $100-

  • Free membership to the Friends of the GTM Reserve
  • Mid/End of Season Updates on Nesting Activity at GTM NERR
  • Emailed photo of randomly assigned or requested nest with marine turtle tracks
  • Sign on nest acknowledging family/individual's adopted name


Level three $250-

  • All attributes listed under "level two"
  • Ability for up to five people to witness an evening nest evaluation with a marint turtle specialist (done in late summer months during the evening). Evaluation date will be decided upon and adoptee(s) will be notified at least 2 weeks in advance.