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First Unitarian Universalist Society of Burlington, Vermont 
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First Unitarian Universalist Society of Burlington

Religious Education 2012-2013

Families must register anew each year they participate in our programming.

How do I register?

If you are ready to register, please first take a moment to read our Code of Ethics below. Because this is an important part of our safety practices, you will be asked during the registration process whether you have read it, and if you agree to support and uphold it.

Code of Ethics for Persons Working with Children and Youth

First Unitarian Universalist Society of Burlington, Vermont

** All Registrants must read and accept our Code of Ethics. **

                Children and youth look up to all adults they meet or see in our UU Society.  It is therefore important that all adults bring to our UURE area a spirit of commitment to the safety of our children.  Adult UURE leadership plays a key role in fostering the spiritual development of both individuals and the community. The relationship between young people and their leaders must be one of mutual respect.  It is, therefore, important that adults in leadership positions provide the special nurture, care, and support that will enable children and youth to develop a positive sense of self and a spirit of independence and responsibility.

                There are no more important areas of growth than those of self worth and the development of a healthy identity as a sexual being. Adults play a key role in assisting children and youth in these areas of growth. Wisdom dictates that children, youth and adults suffer damaging effects when leaders become sexually involved with young persons in their care; therefore, leaders will refrain from engaging in sexual, seductive or erotic behavior with children and youth.  Neither shall they harass or engage in behavior with children or youth which constitutes verbal, emotional, or physical abuse.

When you register, you will be asked whether you agree to this Code of Ethics.

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