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Implementing SQF -Version 7 

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       Yes we changed from Oct 31st date to Nov 1st start date - for your Halloween fun!

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November 1- 2 (Thurs-Fri) 8:15 - 5:00

 Where                                                   Crowne Plaza Hotel Fullerton (Anaheim)           1500 S. Raymond Ave. Fullerton CA .

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SQF New Version 7

The SQF Program has, until the Version 7 Code update, offered two standards based on the type of food supplier: The SQF 1000 Code for primary producers and growers (GAP; now in the Pre-Farm Gate module) and the SQF 2000 Code for the manufacturing, processing and distribution sectors (GMP; now in the Post-Farm Gate module). Our trainings are mainly for the Post-Farm Gate module, along with the Core Requirement modules.

About your Instructor & SCS     

expertise and professionalism...

SCS Trainer Mr. Camacho is an SQF Certified Consultant, Auditor and Trainer.  He has over 20 years experience in operations - from a Napa-based chocolate ingredient manufacturer to senior quality experience at Nestle Columbia.  He works with both English and Spanish speaking workforces in the implementation, management and sustainability of food safety, HACCP, and quality systems. His certifications include HACCP, ISO 9000, ISO Internal Audits certifications.

About SCS - Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) is a global leader in independent certification and verification of environmental, sustainability, food quality, safety and purity claims. For more than 25 years, SCS has supported retailers, growers and distributors in building corporate and product brand loyalty.  As a respected independent third-party, SCS combines a scientific approach with strong customer service and provides additional credibility to your claims.

SQF - Meeting consumer demand for increased food safety assurances through the chain...

The SQF (Safe Quality Food) Program is a food safety and quality certification program, and management system, designed to meet the needs of buyers and suppliers worldwide. 

Who should attend?

* SQF In-house Practitioners and Consultants responsible for designing, implementing and maintaining the company’s SQF Systems
* Owners and company leaders wanting in-depth knowledge of the SQF program
* Supporting employees – managers and others overseeing the processes

Training goals:
• To provide an understanding of SQF principles, activities and how the program fits into The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI)
• To gather information on the resources required for development, implementation and maintenance of the program for positive ROI and workforce improvements.
• To learn best practices to document & verify results, and to prepare for audits.
• To recognize that the investment in certification has long-range benefits - many SQF-certified suppliers have gained greater recognition in the marketplace, fewer complaints and returns, reduced risk, less waste due to non-conforming product, and increased productivity.

Fees include: training, material binder, lunch and certificate* - $575 - $645 depending on registration date and number of attendees.

* Test & Certificate -  the knowledge to be an SQF inhouse Practioner or Consultant is covered in this course and a Certificate of Completion is awarded (with the SQF Training Center logo and SCS logo).   Taking the test is optional; it is common for companies to want employees (especially the company appointed Practioner) to take the test.  It can be purchased ($75) on the SQF website.  After passing, an additional certificate is given – either certificate is useful to show to an auditor or client.   You will find more details on the SQF website  

We can provide an invoice if requested

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Day One: 8:15 am - 5 pm
• Introduction to SQF and Implementing
•Preparing for SQF Certification


• SQF Certification
• Implementing an SQF System (may go to Day 2) 

Day Two: 8:15 am - 5 pm
• SQF System Elements (Module 2)


GMPs and Post-Farm Gate and review of Version 6 to 7 as needed 

 Interactive group work throughout the course