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BMW CCA LA Driving Events 
BMW CCA, Los Angeles


Monday October 1, 2012 from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM PDT

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Auto Club Speedway 
9300 Cherry Avenue
Fontana, CA 92335

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present the Fall 2012 Chapter High Performance Driving School

The Infield Course at Auto Club Speedway offers a great opportunity to sharpen your driving skills. It has a wide range of turns, from off-camber hair-pins to high speed chicanes, sweepers, and a complex combination of turns on the back half that will surely challenge even some of the better drivers. Best of all, it's relative short distance means in each session you'll be getting a ton of hot laps to fine-tune and correct any mistakes you may have made in the previous lap.

And it doesn't hurt that it's significantly cheaper to rent than the big track. :)

Price for the one day event on Monday October 1st is $199 for early registrants (up to September 7th). At BMW CCA L.A. we welcome ALL car enthusiasts, but for non-members the cost of entry is $247 . Cost for non-members include a 1 year BMW CCA Membership.

Remember, as of today, national requirement for helmet safety is for Snell SA 2005 or M 2005 or later standards. If you do not have a Snell 2005 or later helmet, there are limited numbers of loaner helmets available at the event for $10 per day. 

Also, a valid tech inspection form must be filled out by a qualified mechanic prior to the event. If you need recommendation of an independent mechanic, feel free to contact us.

Lastly, GARAGES are on a first come, first serve basis. There are only about 20 garages available for a total of 40 spaces for students, so if you must have a garage, arrive early. There are no additional cost associated with garages nor any preferential treatment given to when you sign up.

If you’ve never driven on the track:

You are in for an eye opening experience! As a beginner to high performance driving events, you will be paired with our award-winning instructors for the duration of the event while on track, and also a chance to learn about the finer art and the theories of driving in our excellent classroom sessions. We provide a safe, controlled environment with a stellar reputation and safety record, as you share the track with fellow beginners to ease you into the program. You will learn the basics of driving fast through the course of the event, and leave our events a better, safer driver, and understand what your BMW is capable of.

In addition to our excellent instruction and safety record, you can also get optional HPDE insurance through Lockton Affinity to cover any potential damage caused on track. Because of our safety record and stellar reputation, Lockton Affinity is providing significantly discounted rates for their wonderful HPDE insurance program, rates that are only available for BMW CCA events. Also, don’t forget to check out our autocross programs and car control clinics!

If you’ve been driving with other organizations but never checked out BMW CCA:

You’ve been driving solo or doing lapping days for a while now, and have felt your skill and speed plateau. You can go out and churn some quick laps but can’t quite figure out how that middle aged lady in her spec Miata is passing you and leaving you in her wake. Or the aspect of lapping on the track, while fun, is not rewarding as much as it used to.

Well you’re a perfect candidate for our continued education program in BMW CCA HPDEs. We’ve all been there, while more seat time is always available, that extra bit of instruction, that second set of eyes from the passenger seat has been missing and the little bad habits you’ve been piling on for a while is holding you back as a driver.

By signing up with our event you get that personalized training you need to progress, while learning some of the more advanced driving skills that will prepare you for the next level of learning.

If you’ve done a dozen BMW CCA events a while ago, have left the program to explore other organizations:

WE WANT YOU BACK! We’ve revamped our HPDE program specifically for the needs of customers like you. Wait until you try our new Advanced A+ driving program. If you’ve progressed through the BMW CCA ranks and left to pursuit other programs for more lap time and lower cost, consider supplementing your lapping days with a few BMW CCA Advanced A+ program.

The newly revamped and wildly successful A+ program takes the traditional “safe” BMW CCA teaching and introduces an alternate look to performance driving, by providing exercises that increase and promote your spatial awareness, expand your vision, and train your brain to tackle alternative lines and advance techniques. The A+ program is perfect for those who want to bridge the gap between HPDE and the next steps in the evolution of a driver, or just wants to continue to challenge yourself as a driver. If you’ve stayed away from BMW CCA HPDEs for a few years, come back and check out the advanced A+ program!