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Planned Giving Workshops 

Planned Giving Workshops

The Episcopal Diocese of New Hampshire 

Target market for recruitment/attendees: rector, clergy staff and/or, one -two lay leaders committed to stewardship and to planned giving program leadership.

Planned Giving Contact Person Job Description: (5 or more hours per year)

  • Setting out brochures (additional copies available for free from Dio house) and being the go-to person for those seeking the more detailed brochure (additional copies available for free from Dio house) (most churches have the two large and small blue and white brochure sets for planned giving)
  • Planning and managing Planned Giving Sunday (2nd Sunday in Lent)
  • Placing occasional announcements in bulletins, on web sites and newsletters reminding people to make a planned gift
  • Assuring web information availability about how to make a planned gift to the church
  • Meeting with the vestry or bishop’s committee to champion attention to planned giving
  • Planning one planned giving donor event per year (perhaps on Planned Giving Sunday) to recognize donors or those who have remembered the church in their estate plan or to welcome new or perspective members.
  • Ensuring the production of an updated  list of  those who have remembered the church in their estate plan (verbal communication of that intention or accomplishment qualifies) and posting it is some area in a frame (able to be removed, the list updated, replaced and re-hung when a new donor presents themselves).

Time:  Saturdays in September and October from 10:00 am – 11:20 am with light welcoming refreshments (no lunch will be provided).  This seminar is free of charge for Episcopalians and is part of the return on the investment of Fair Share Contributions.

 Registration: Free, on-line registration. This $300 service will be provided at no cost as will the manual.

 Purpose: To train those leading or needing to be aware of planned giving as to how to manage a program for a small (congregation under 20), medium (congregation under 60) or large (congregation over 60) church with minimal impact on budget ($200 per year for an estimated average return of $5,000 -20,000 per year after 3 years) and minimal impact on time (a minimum of 5 hour’s work per year from one person.)

 Tools: Free training and resource manuals (sample manual pages enclosed) for each Planned Giving Contact from each congregation in the diocese) Additional manuals are able to be purchased for $15 each. Congregations needing additional manuals and unable to pay for them may apply to the Planned Giving Committee for a grant of free manuals.

 For more information please contact Presenter and Host, the Rev. Canon Charles LaFond at (603) 344-2711 or through email at clafond@nhepiscopal.org