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"Be the 1%" -
A Six-Step System for Winning

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   Bob Palmer of SportExcel Inc., in partnership with Mercury Rising Triathlon, is bringing his revolutionary high performance clinic to Victoria, B.C. on Saturday, October 20, 2012.

Clinic Purpose

To teach the art of winning by taking your moments of brilliance and applying them  to your whole game.

For athletes and coaches in all sports who want the advantage in their sport.



Saturday October 20, 2012

9:00 am to 4:00 pm

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$ 150.00 + tax = $ 180.00



Clint Lien and Sara Gross  

1723 Garnet Road, Victoria, BC  

V8Z 5M2

  • Lunch and snacks will be provided


Meet your trainer

Bob Palmer, B.E.S., B.Ed.
High Performance Strategist 
Bob PalmerPalmer is internationally recognized as a high performance expert and strategist. He works with coaches and athletes in over 30 different sports including Ironman and triathlon competitors.  He conducts in-person and on-line clinics throughout North America and around the world.

Bob also writes for North American magazines, has a book on high performance for sport due for release this fall, and is a 4th degree black belt, former national competitor and judge in karate.


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 Be the 1%  - A Six-Step System for Winning
SnowboarderYou will learn the SportExcel System, a system for consistency that is currently being used by hundreds of athletes across North America, including Olympic, professional and amateur athletes and coaches. 

Learn the tools that are critical for winning, with NO psychology involved. In this one day clinic you will learn to:

  • Start on the right foot every practice and competition (aka the Zone)
  • Fix bothersome distractions such as noise, crowds, background aBike riding nd irritating people  
  • Resolve purposeful or unintentional intimidation
  • Exercise leadership so that no-one can play mind games with you   
  • Learn new skills  quickly
  • Forget negative experiences (frustration, losses, mistakes, etc.) quickly
  • Understand how to use adrenaline in a competition
  • Make goals feel extremely doable


“My work Jessica Zelinka - Heptathlonwith Bob provided tools to face any feat, small or large, with a clear mind and a confidence that allowed me to perform freely and in the moment.  As an athlete there's nothing comparable to performing in the moment.”

~ Jessica Zelinka, Olympian and Canadian champion in Heptathlon and Hurdles


Sara Gross, Professional Triathlete"This is the revolutionary aspect of Bob's program. It helps you change your mind, and your physiology by using the Zone experience as the central focus of your everyday activities."

~ Sara Gross, Business Owner, Professional Triathlete, Ironman competitor and Coach - B.C., Canada


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