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No Stomach For Cancer 


Saturday November 3, 2012 from 6:00 AM to 11:45 PM CDT

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Not your average "Walk Shirt" . . .

2012 Walk ShirtA lot of thought went into the design of our No Stomach For Cancer 2012 Walk shirts and we want you to know about them! 

No Stomach For Cancer has a global reach, with individuals and families connecting with us from all over the world (in fact our website receives visitors from over 150 countries). Stomach cancer is unfortunately, an equal-opportunity illness that recognizes no age, race or geographic boundaries. At NSFC, we strive to reach out to all who are affected by stomach cancer, no matter where in the world someone may live.

Part of our mission statement states that we …"unite the caring power of people worldwide..." As we began to prepare for this first NSFC walk, we determined that our No Stomach For Cancer 2012 Walk shirts must represent our worldwide No Stomach For Cancer community.

Shirt fronts feature artwork of the globe and list several countries where NSFC community members are particularly active and engaged.

On the back, we state the sobering statistic "Stomach cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths worldwide" in several languages (English, Spanish, French, Swahili, Chinese, Turkish and Italian). This is in response to individuals who have expressed frustration at the lack of materials available on stomach cancer in their language. Our shirt backs are a symbolic act on our part to acknowledge our many partners and friends in this fight, whose native language is not English.

The shirts themselves are excellent quality "soft style" t-shirts which will make them enjoyable to wear for many years to come. We took great care to search for a periwinkle shirt color (the official color representing stomach cancer) that will appeal to both men and women. This is not a lavender shirt, it has just the right amount of blue to appeal to both genders.

We hope you will wear this shirt proudly and often to raise awareness about stomach cancer and support No Stomach For Cancer's mission.


No Stomach For Cancer 2012 Walk 

No Stomach For Cancer is kicking off Stomach Cancer Awareness Month with our 1st Annual No Stomach For Cancer Walk, as we work “to support research and unite the caring power of people worldwide affected by stomach cancer.”

The No Stomach For Cancer 2012 Walk is not an event that takes place on a designated course at a specific location with a start line, a set course, measured miles, and a finish line. 

It is a day on which you are asked to wear an NSFC 2012 Walk shirt and wristband while you “walk the course” of your day – whatever this is for you, whatever you want it to be – uniting in action and spirit worldwide while bringing visibility and increased awareness about stomach cancer into your community.

We believe this is a simple yet impactful way to take forward steps and raise awareness as it allows people around the world to work toward a common goal with a united spirit, knowing that others are focused on spreading the word about stomach cancer on this same day whether you are in the United States, the United Kingdom, or somewhere Down Under.

When you register for this event, you will receive a walk packet that will include not only a shirt and wristband but items that you can share with others throughout the day to help raise awareness about stomach cancer.  Ideas to enhance your walk and additional materials will be made available on the No Stomach For Cancer website.

Proceeds from registration fees will support the mission of NSFC. Additional fundraising opportunities are available for those who want to step it up a bit! Read on for more about that.

Who can participate?  Anyone, everyone . . . and of course . . . YOU!

Because we have a worldwide presence, this is an event that all members of the No Stomach For Cancer community and their friends, family and work associates can participate in despite geographic location. We know how important raising awareness and funds for research is to you and we want to provide a flexible opportunity to do just that! 

We believe that the No Stomach For Cancer 2012 Walk embodies who we are as an organization as stated in our mission to “support research and unite the caring power of people worldwide affected by stomach cancer.”

So, the ‘walk’ will look different for each of us - whether joining in individually, or with others who share our passion for the cause. The NSFC 2012 Walk is whatever YOU want it to be; we will be uniting in action and spirit worldwide to bring attention to stomach cancer. 

The beauty of this “event” is that it provides an opportunity to raise awareness and funds for stomach cancer in a way that suits you, hopefully engaging people that you encounter throughout the day. 

It may be wearing your shirt and wristband while spending the day at your kids’ activities, at work, at the gym, running errands, or spending time with family and friends.

Or, it may be just the inspiration you needed to gather friends, family, co-workers, and go out en masse and be noticed – to really make a statement!

We encourage everyone to include family and friends somehow in your efforts. This is a great opportunity to have an occasion on which people get together not only to raise awareness but to spend time with people you care about.  Whether an informal get-together, mall walking, or a stroll down the main street in your town…your participation will make a difference!

We hope to see people throughout the world participating in some way on November 3, 2012. Although we know that people will be united in spirit on this day, we want you to be connected in a physical way as well, so we encourage you to take a picture or a short video to show the world what your “walk” looks like and post it on the Facebook No Stomach For Cancer 2012 Walk: Unity Wall event page throughout the day. We are excited to see what is happening around the world - to further unite us in our efforts to reach our vision ~ ”a world without stomach cancer.”

If you have been personally affected by stomach cancer, then you know its grim reality all too well. However, most people know nothing about it, and we must work to change that.  United in action and spirit throughout the world, let’s take the first steps together.  Please join together in this first annual No Stomach For Cancer Walk!

Fundraising Opportunity

In addition to raising awareness, this event provides an opportunity for you to raise funds to further support the cause.  Tell people why stomach cancer matters to you.  Ask them to sponsor your walk, to support research and to raise awareness about this devastating disease.

Visit the No Stomach For Cancer 2012 Walk event page on Crowdrise to start your fundraiser today.  Join the NSFC 2012 Walk Team: World United! or add a team of your own! 

United in spirit, we never walk alone!

Can’t wait to be with you on November 3rd!!!

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