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     Basic Accounting for Non-Accountants

Many business owners postpone their record keeping taks until a free moment as a choir because they do not understand the concepts or necessity of accurate financial data.  This webinar is designed for the entrepreneur who has very little accounting knowledge.

Accounting is the "language" of business that can tell you if you are making a profit, whether your gross profit margins are consistent with industry ratios, what is the status of your owners' equity investment and much more.  Accounting statements will be required by your lenders, investors, the IRS and yourself to track the progress of the business.

This webinar of 52 minutes will not take the place of a Chief Financial Officer but will let you understand your business statements, even if prepared by a third party.  Included in the topics are:

  • Why you should understand accounting concepts.
  • The terminology used by business and support vendors.
  • Basic financial statements like-      Accounting    Profit and Loss Statements               Cash Flow Statements                       Balance Sheets
  • Concepts like depreciation, breakeven points, etc.
  • Tools to compile your accounting date - a simple check book, Excel spreadsheet or computer software.

The author will also discuss via email any accounting concept or issue you may have in your business that is not covered in the webinar.  SCORE is pleased to make his experience and training available to you.


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