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Small Business Learning Center

  Are You Ready to Start a Business?
Many SCORE clients are unsure whether they should go into business for themselves and what is involved.  When you are unfamiliar with business terms, processes and options, it can be a daunting task to evaluate your prospects in a competitive economic environment.

In less than an hour we try to present the following topics through a PowerPoint presentation and verbal commentary.  If you miss a point, you can replay the webinar as often as you want.Open 4 Business

  • A way to evaluate yourself as a potential entrepreneur.
  • How to evaluate the type of business most suited to your needs.
  • Conduct market research into competitors and the market 'NEED' for your service.
  • Illustrate the five basic financial statements and conduct a ration analysis.
  • Evaluate funding resources used by start-ups and the loan process.
  • Finally, FREE resources that might help you in your Go/NoGo decision.

As always your local SCORE Chapter stands ready to offer Face-to-Face counseling, detail business planning and other workshops.  If you like this webinar, we offer many others like it that use a PowerPoint presentation with voice-over comments.  View our other online on-demand webinars for topics that could help you with basic education from website design, social media, marketing, financial issues and other topics.  See SCORE Minnesota Learning Center for these tools.


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