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                                                         Church of the Nativity's Parish Conference

November 3, 2012


Church of the Nativity                                                    Kellie Caddick                                                        410-252-6080 ext. 114 


Saturday November 3, 2012                                          9:00 AM to 3:00 PM 

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Church of the Nativity 
20 East Ridgely Road
Timonium, MD 21093

Driving Directions 

Want to go deeper in the message? 

After the conference concludes, don't rush home.

Post conference, Chris Wesley and additional staff members  will host a forum in our Cafe for attendees interested in learning more about Nativity programs.  

Feel free to relax in our Cafe Pavillion and share your story with other conference attendees.

Then, join us for our 5:00 pm Mass.  See how all the conference elements come together in a powerful worship service.  

All are welcome! 


matter 2012

This one day event is a chance to focus on the vision and mission of Nativity and why what we do MATTERS.

The conference will include music performed by the Nativity house band, worship, fun, and special presentations given by the Pastor, Fr. Michael White and Associate to the Pastor Tom Corcoran.  Exciting and thought provoking breakouts will also be presented by the Nativity staff which will bring you further into the vision and mission of Church of the Nativity.



We're excited to offer the following breakout sessions for matter 2012.  Please take a moment to review the topics as you will select three (3) sessions while completing your conference registration:

It's the Weekend (stupid!)                

The weekend experience should be the main focus of parish efforts, because it provides the best opportunity to make the largest impact.  Here we will look at the major elements we've discovered in attempting to make our church an "irresistible environment" every single weekend.  Presented by Kristin Costanza, Director of Communications and Barry Sheehan, Weekend Director

Make the Message Matter 

At the heart of a powerful and effective weekend experience is a message that speaks to people's felt needs and daily challeneges and gives them real solutions our faith provides.  Join the discussion as we explore what has and hasn't worked for us.  Presented by Tom Corcoran, Associate to the Pastor

Don't Rob God 

Money is a topic that is largely ignored in all areas: in seminary, in ministry formation and from the pulpit.  But it is a critically important topic when it comes to building a parish and growing disciples.  We will share our story, successful practices, and what we've learned along the way.  Presented by George Franco of Injoy Stewarship Solutions                    

Mobilize the Next Generation: Two Breakout Sessions  

Specific programs for infants thru high school students are a key element in our weekend experience. Their very place on the schedule underscores that we care about young people as much as anyone else in the parish and actively seek to engage them in the life of the Church. Check out the core principles we're using to mobilize the next generation.  

Two separate sessions will be offered: the STUDENT breakout will focus on our middle and high school programs and the CHILDREN'S breakout will focus on infant to 5th grade.

The STUDENT breakout will be presented by Chris Wesley, Director of Student Ministry.  The CHILDREN'S breakout will be presented by Lisa Scata, Director of Children's Ministry and Maggie German, Coordinator of Early Childhood Ministry

Build from Below

We grow in faith relationally.  One of the strongest ways to make that happen is within a small group.  They are our schools for discipleship, our plan for fellowship, and our delivery system for pastoral care.  Join our Director of Small Groups as he shares the mechanics of making small groups work.  Presented by Jack Bovaird, Director of Small Groups

Get the Parish Out of the Pews

"Our goal is simple: every member a minister."  This session will focus on the necessity of service or ministry inside the parish community if parishioners are to move beyond a consumer mentality.  We will discuss several strategies for getting everyone involved.  Presented by Maria Folsom Kovarik, Director of Adult Ministry

Be Restorers

Join our Director of Missions to discuss the necessity of service or ministry outside the parish community. We'll talk about the important role this plays in any parish community and how to get missions going in a BIG way. Presented by Brian Crook, Director of Missions

Register Now!                                                Conference registration will close on October 27, 2012