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The Database Marketing Institute
Join us for a two-day competitive Email Strategy Study Group designed for marketing managers and senior executives responsible for their email and social marketing program marketing strategies.

From this hands-on competitive strategy seminar you can double your revenue from emails by learning how to:


         Boost open, click and conversion rates

         Get the most benefit from transactions, triggers and abandoned shopping carts

         Double the number of email subscribers

         Compute subscriber lifetime value and use it to increase you marketing budget

         Use ratings and reviews

         Optimize email in both B2B and B2C environments

Participants will learn to create a plan by using 28 proven tactics to attain an annual acquisition goal of email subscribers. By using the plan, you will learn how many subscribers you can generate per tactic, what budget you’ll need to accomplish your goal, and how much profit you should expect. We’ve seen results that show spending $120,000 can bring in $10 million in profit from newly acquired subscribers!

Registration is limited! We can only accept 49 participants.

And, because the seminar is offered by the Database Marketing Institute, you will receive a certificate of completion. Over 1200 alumni have graduated from Database Marketing Institute programs.

Find out how to double your email revenue by:
  • Acquiring thousands more opt-in email subscribers
  • Doubling your open, click and conversion rates
  • Making each email an adventure for your readers
  • Making profitable use of subscriber lifetime value
  • Getting your email budget increased and approved

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Arthur Middleton Hughes
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Andrew Kordek
Chief Strategist & Co-Founder
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