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This Five Day Sanctuary is a 'Called by Spirit' event. Sequestered in the Sierra Nevada Mountains at Harmony Ridge Lodge, a haven has been created for participants to experience their own ability to exist in transcendent states and to preserve, quicken, and restore the bond between spirit and flesh, heaven and earth, energy and matter.

In a field phenomenon of high vibration, we will care for those who attend in such a way they experience the magnificence of their unique design as they build a vibrational stamina for transitioning from trauma to wholeness.

Three dedicated feminine practitioners, each through their own mastery, will provide a sacred space where each person attending can clarify what is before them in a powerful and transcendent way.

The environment will provide sanctuary at every level, from food preparation to a variety of environments that provide an array of energetic modalities.

Each day will unfold with each person being cared for so deeply that the profound intimacy of their being will awaken, stabilize, and be able for the transitioning reality around them.

Beyond the personal work that each participant will engage in as a whole, the quantum field of unity will emerge from the ineffable and unite those present with the  dimensional existence within which human beings once participated.

Re-entering life from the sanctum of transcendence within which the participants have dwelled, their DNA will hum with the passion of their immortal beingness. Their indwelling spirit, activated, will persist in sustaining and maintaining their mortal existence in high vibration.



Tuesday January 22, 2013 at 5:00 PM PST   -to-
Sunday January 27, 2013 at 12:00 PM PST

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Harmony Ridge Lodge
18883 California Hwy 20 East
Nevada City, CA 95959

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TANTRA MAAT: A mystic, a  seer, and a prophetess whose cellular empathic ability awakens you into the magnificent being you are designed to be, shifting your system from trauma to grace, from separation to wholeness.  GEORGIA DOW: An energetic healer who works with your physical form,  imbuing your
body with the vibrant expression of life and fine tuning your system so you can be in life stable and whole. APRIL O'KEEFFE: An Advanced Myofascial Healing Practitioner releases the information within you, 
activating the crystalline grid within which a trauma free landscape of consciousness can occur restoring
a state of balance and harmony.

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