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Tuesday November 13, 2012

9AM to 2PM                                                 


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Conference Location

Jackson Convention Complex

105 East Pascagoula Street
Jackson, MS 39201




State Broadband Plan Forum

Tuesday, November 13, 2012 

Jackson Convention Complex

Please use the link below to register for Mississippi's annual broadband plan forum. The Agenda will include important information about how to increase high speed Internet accessibility and adoptin rates for local elected leaders, businesses, members of the health care industry, state agency leaders, and others. 

A copy of the state plan, called "Mapping Mississippi's Digital Future" can be found here




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Tuesday, November 13

8:00AM  Conference Check-In Opens

9:00AM  Welcome and Opening Remarks (Trustmark Ballroom A)

   Jim Barksdale, MBCC Chair

   Governor Phil Bryant

9:15AM  Updates from the Field, MSU's e-BEAT

   Bo Beaulieu, MSU

9:45AM  Program Updates

   Dana Rowzee, Mississippi Interactive

   Sonja Murray, Connect2Compete

10:15AM  Transition to Breakouts

10:30AM  Breakouts

     Track One: Broadband Adoption Strategies (Room 210)

     Track Two: Health IT's Emerging Issues (Room 209)

     Track Three: Public Safety Broadband Issues (Room 208)       

     Track Four: Increasing Broadband's Availability (Room 207)

11:45AM Transition to Lunch

12:00PM  Lunch (Trustmark Ballroom B)

12:15PM  Keynote Speaker

   Mayor Joey Durel, Lafayette, LA

12:45PM Keynote Speaker

   Stephanie Hamilton, Apple's Education Division

1:30PM  Executive Networking Session (Rooms will stay open for further discussions)

3:00PM  Conclude